If you’ve been into natural healing, personal development, or spirituality for a while, you’ll probably have heard of the idea of surrendering.

But do you really know what it means? Or does just hearing the word “surrender” sound kooky to you or make you want to run for the hills?

The idea of surrendering can bring about a lot of self-judgment. You might think you’d be giving up, taking the easy way out, or not giving your all.

But if you really put yourself in the space of what it would feel like to surrender, you may recognize that surrendering is actually a very empowering and liberating experience.

Surrendering is simply accepting what is happening in your life right now and allowing it to flow around and through you. It is NOT sitting on your laurels being passive and not taking action to get a different outcome.

It is simply accepting that there is something going on right now rather than fight it or wage a mental war with thoughts on how it’s not fair, why you, I don’t want this, etc., which uses up a ton of energy and creates a lot of stress. It is choosing to take the fighting energy (usually against yourself) out and, instead, trusting that what is going on will pass and allowing it to do so. At the same time, you can certainly be setting a plan and taking action to create a different experience and outcome, but this is done with a positive mindset and with peace and a clear mind, rather than fighting against yourself (always a fruitless and exhausting endeavor)!

Today, I want to share with you three powerful ideas to keep in mind that will help you to surrender and, therefore, more quickly move through turmoil when you have something going on in your life that you’re not feeling at peace with.

These are great to remember when you are feeling impatient about something too!


Ooooh, trust! I wanted to hit you up with a big one first! I firmly believe that everything you experience in your life can teach you powerful lessons and help you to grow and refine yourself so you can live in alignment with your highest potential and just straight up enrich and enjoy your life as much as possible. Refinement makes life more dynamic, interesting, rewarding, and beautiful. Trust that each experience you go through can help you if you choose to allow it (more on that below) and listen to what it has to teach you. Trust that the Universe has your back and always wants what’s best for you. You are not here to suffer. You are not here to live a life of pain.


Accepting what is happening right now, whether it is in your reality or in your mind, helps to take away the feeling of warring sides. Even if it’s your own mind you are trying to fight and resist, that energy is extremely tiring! Accepting is not agreeing that your thoughts are what is real or agreeing that your situation can’t be changed. Far from it. I’m a huge believer in creating your reality with conscious thought and taking conscious action while, at the same time, accepting that things are as they are right now or that you are having thoughts that don’t serve you and letting go of the resistance behind them that can hold you back from having a peaceful experience in the moment or from moving forward.


Allowing what is happening to flow through you also takes away the resistance. Just think of the word “allow.” Instantly, it feels like you can put down your weapons and things will flow more freely. Again, this is not about allowing in things that don’t serve you or not honoring your personal boundaries or giving in. This is about allowing what is going on in your world or your mind to flow over you so it can pass and the stress of resisting can dissipate. It’s about acknowledging that there is something happening in your world right now or in your thoughts and feelings and then letting it go. By allowing, you are, in fact, moving through the experience or thought much more quickly than if you resist it. Ever heard the phrase “what you resist persists?” It’s absolutely true! Allowing allows you to move on, up, and through and quickly have a more helpful, serving, and peaceful thought or experience.

If these resonate for you, I recommend writing these three words down and putting them where you can see them daily—on your fridge, desk, computer, bathroom mirror, etc. I have a beautiful sacred geometry coin with Trust, Accept, and Allow written on it that I keep on my computer so I see it every day. It reminds me to breathe and allow the energy of these three powerful thoughts and ideas into my life.

I hope you enjoy doing the same!

Casey McCluskey, acclaimed health and life coach, author, motivational speaker, and co-founder of the Get Juicy Cleanse (as seen on CBS and Vimergy.com), shows you how to get radiant health and energy, lose weight, and heal naturally so that you can live the life you want in a body you love. Casey has helped thousands of people across the world achieve radiant, long lasting physical and emotional wellness via her international private coaching, guided group programs, health education, motivational speaking, and Tonic Herb line at Vimergy.com.

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