People unsubscribe from my newsletter all the time. When someone chooses to send in a note as to why, I always read it. For the most part, when people do choose to tell me why they’re unsubscribing, it’s reasons like these:

  • I am overwhelmed and need to cut down on my reading.
  • Too many emails to deal with. Sorry.
  • Don’t have time to read them.
  • Just don’t have time to read and digest. Thanks.

I’m not insulted or dejected at all by any of these; I’m actually happy that they’re trying to reduce the amount of information that they’re buried under.

I know the feeling. I have chia inbox too. You know, one that grows relentlessly?

Here are the business types I’m subscribed to (in no particular order):

And as of right now, the only three that hit my direct inbox are Ash Ambirge, ConversionXL, and Erik Barker.

The rest get automatically filtered to my “Business Resources” Gmail folder. Today, that folder has 1,676 unread messages. 1,676 pieces of advice which might help make a difference in my life, business, website, blog, marketing outreach, client retention, and professional understanding.

But I took a stand the past few months and said, “Bassam, you know enough to do what you need to do. Quit the riff raff and just effing do it.” And so the second Ignition Lab was conducted, I finished my second book, and the rebrand of my website is in its final stages.

Because too much advice is numbing.
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At some point, you can’t stuff your face with one more ravioli at the all you can eat information buffet if you plan on cooking something for yourself.

Isn’t it ironic that the aggregation of the advice from the very people who inspire us to do something is what often keeps us paralyzed from being able to do anything?

And yet, the individuals we admire the most create despite the barrage of information they receive. They inspire us precisely because they do not because they want to do.

“Oh man, my friend James is so inspiring! He wants to write a book; he wants to trek in the Andes; he wants to join the Peace Corps; he wants to start a non-profit; he wants to start a company; he wants to start a family. Gosh, why can’t I be like him?!” 
Says No One. Ever.

Don’t let your inbox be a 24/7 walk-in clinic with you being the only doctor on staff. Control your inbox like you would your front door. Use filters. Use labels. I now have “Resource Thursdays” where I go into my Business Resources folder for one hour and gain as much knowledge as I can from the people who inspire me. After an hour, I move on from reconnaissance gathering to results creating.

Do > Want

Find your do, even if it’s at the expense of the 1,676 emails you don’t open.

Bassam Tarazi is the creator of a motivational framework (Colipera), the author of The Accountability Effect, and the co-founder of the international workshop and adventure for side hustlers called The Ignition Lab. Bassam conducts goal setting classes, corporate workshops, and one-on-one coaching. You can follow him on twitter @bassamtarazi.