Imagine how your life would look if you had more free time, and more disposable income. What would you do? Would you spend more time with family and friends, doing what you loved? Would you take more vacations, dine out more often, or increase donations to your favorite charity? The possibilities are endless, and they feel really good to think about. Most people seem to think that more disposable income means more work and, therefore, less free time. There are many people, however, who have disproved that theory.

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Marie Forleo is an expert when it comes to this topic! Marie is the Founder of B-School, an online program that helps you create a business and life you love. In her personal experience Marie shares that she has been able to produce killer content in minimal time, and still generate great results. In order to get work done quickly and efficiently Marie says you need four things. First is accountability. When you get others on board with your goal the probability of completing that goal increases exponentially. Why? Because once you are accountable to someone else, you are more inclined to do what you said you were going to do.

Secondly, have clear time frames. Whether you have three hours or three weeks to work on a project, having set due dates on your calendar makes it more real. The more specific you are with your deadlines, the better.

Lastly, having zero distractions and a no fail attitude is a recipe for success. Turn off your phone, shut down FaceBook, and focus. You just may be amazed at how quickly you can produce.

Also keep your self-talk positive; you can do this, you will do this, and it’ll be awesome. A no fail attitude is a key to success.

Tim Ferriss is so on board with working less and making more that he even wrote a book about it! The 4-Hour Workweek is a blueprint to minimizing office hours, and increasing free time. One of Tim’s top tools is focus. Tim says “The biggest mistake people make is focusing on being efficient instead of being effective. Being efficient is doing any given task well and in a fast fashion. Being effective is doing the right things.” Just like the rest of us, Tim has a busy schedule and lots of demands. However, Tim has mastered his ability to focus on his top one or two priorities, and getting them done first. Many of you may have a habit of avoiding what may need to be done the most, because it can be the most intimidating. Focus takes daily discipline and practice. It also requires you to make real decisions about what you value as most important.

I believe that working less and making more is about simplifying. Ultimately the art of simplifying is about ridding yourself of complexity that creates stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. Trying to get it all done, and do it perfectly, will actually have you doing less. The pressure of a to-do list, can leave you feeling helpless, like there will never be enough time to get it all done. This mindset can leave you feeling defeated before you even begin. By allowing yourself to cut corners where and when you can, and give up the need to be perfect, you can find more freedom to do what you need to do, with less pressure.

Working less and making more is about more than just hours and dollars. It’s about enjoying life.

When you have the time and money to do what you love, you can feel happier. Life becomes more enjoyable and more meaningful. Those around you benefit as well when they see you setting an example of more happiness and greater ease!

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In the comments below I want to hear how you plan on incorporating tools from Marie, Tim and me. Also, share how working less and making more could change things for you. You deserve to have success feel simple, and I am here to help. Have an awesome week and, as always, take care of you!

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Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning fear into freedom. Sign up for Terri’s weekly Tune Up Tips and follow her on Twitter.

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