Life can be complicated & difficult. SIMPLIFYING can help.

What could you do to simplify the parts of your life that you are complicating?

Life can be overwhelming, no doubt about it. Though have you ever noticed that the common denominator in every challenge you face, is you? As a psychotherapist I see all the ways people unnecessarily complicate their lives by over thinking, over reacting and over analyzing. All of those behaviors distract you from the present moment and block your access to your own ability to problem solve effectively. If you are seeking a more joy filled and peaceful existence, this is not the way to get there.

If you feel overwhelmed with situations and decisions you need to make in your life, perhaps it’s time to step back and simplify. Focussing on what is right in front of you and breaking the situation down to just the next right action is an effective way to simplify. Below are three separate tools to help you.

Three Tools to Keep it Simple

1. Get perspective

If you’ve ever served as a sounding board for someone else’s challenges, then you know that perspective is key. It seems, the more removed you are from a situation, the more clearly you can see a resolution. Try and remember this when dealing with your own life. Sharing with those you trust can be an excellent way to come to a simple solution, you had not seen before. If your closest pal came to you with the exact same situation you are in, what advice would you give her?

2. Write it out

We have all heard the phrase one day at a time but knowing it and living it are two different things. It can be especially difficult when you are running a business, a family, and a home. So when worlds and obligations collide: Write. It. Out. Truth is you can only do, and deal with, so much in a day. Putting it all down on paper will help you prioritize, schedule, and edit. An action plan founded on a clear list of priorities will increase your effectiveness and decrease stress and overwhelm. Simply taking the next right action when it comes to any situation will create a sense of ease.

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3. Permission to Pass

Many of my clients have mastered their careers yet still feel compelled to try to be everything to everyone. Their success at work makes them feel guilty as Moms, so they also volunteer to raise money for the school or become president of the PTO, etc. The self-set standards of your typical overachiever are impossible to sustain. So if you identify with this or you find yourself craving simplicity, or even just a little bit more down time, then you must give yourself permission to pass. It’s okay if you bail on dinner, pass on a new project, or even take a personal day. No one said you had to do it all, so please stop trying. (It’s OK, you are still AWESOME!)

I disagree with the more is always better philosophy to which much of our society subscribes. Because that ‘more’ ain’t free. It comes at a heavy price to your health, relationships and overall well being.

I say…


What do you say? In the comments below please share one thing that is complicating your life, and one action you are willing to take to simplify.

Love Love Love


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