We wanna be grateful
because we read everywhere
that being grateful
is what it takes
to be happy.

We name 5 things
each day
we feel
we should be
grateful for.

The career, the money,
the house, the car,
there’s so much
we’ve got going
for us.

But as we go through
the motions
of filling a page
with items that should
make us feel abundant,

we can’t stop feeling
disappointed and

But being grateful
doesn’t mean
all the things

we believe we should
be grateful for,
when all we really wanna do, is
vent, judge and

Being grateful
us to go to that space of

Because feeling grateful
can never come
from a place of
pretend and make believe
that all is well,

when that is not
– deep down –
how we really feel,
right here,
right now.

Being grateful needs us to
courageously name
all the things we are
not happy about.

Being grateful needs us to
courageously name
the something more
we are – deep down –
longing for.

Being grateful needs us to
be honest
with ourselves,
throwing open the window of possibility
in our closed off minds,

as we give up
the hard work of
pushing ourselves
to happy
from a place of pretend ok.

Because that honest place
of seeing the not ok,
gives us the breathing space
to truly see the beauty,
however counter-intuitive that might sound.

Gratitude is not about
making a long list of things
coming from a place of
pretend happy
chasing more happy.

Gratitude is about
freely speak
to ourselves

from a place of
whatever needs to be said.

Feeling grateful can never come from a place of pretending that all is well. @AnBourmanne
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Whats your experience with gratitude? Have you ever found yourself making a list with great things on there, yet not feeling that grateful?

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Image courtesy of Alexandre Perotto.