When you think of, hear about, or see images that depict financial abundance, do you cringe or get offended in any way?

If you don’t, then I am so grateful to know that you have done the inner work of expanding into greater states of understanding when it comes to your experience with money. But if you do get offended when you see something related to wealth and prosperity, then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at why that is happening.

To heal any antipathy or unconscious aversion we might have toward money, it’s important to understand what money actually is, and to know its purpose.

Everything in the Universe has a unique energy signature, meaning that everything in the Universe is a living, breathing entity with some level of awareness. Some energy signatures may appear to be more alive than others, because they manifest themselves in louder ways. We clearly see this in human beings and the animal kingdom. However, even though the plant and mineral kingdoms may not have as “loud” a personality, they are still fully alive, thriving, and aware.

So if everything is aware on one level or another, then money is not a lifeless object. It is actually a living, breathing energy, here to coexist with other living, breathing beings. Imagine if you projected the negative beliefs you have about money onto your best friend by saying…

“You are not spiritual, and you cause problems! You’re bad and evil, you’re not enough, and you’re just a lifeless object. I feel guilty for being around you. People have to struggle, fight, cheat, steal, and work very hard to have you in their lives.”

Wow! Think about how traumatized your best friend would be if you projected all of this onto them for years and years!

I know that if this were happening to me, my desire would be to run in the opposite direction of the person who was abusing me that way. Yet this is exactly what we have been doing to money, especially when we see it as being anything less than positive and spiritual.

This one realization completely changed my life.

I started to see that by projecting my own judgments onto this living, breathing energy, I was in fact moving myself away from the spiritual path I so desired to experience. After going through a grieving phase as a result of realizing how badly I was treating money, I started forgiving myself, and asking the energy of money to forgive me for not knowing any better at the time.

I then began asking money itself questions like, “How can I support you, love you, nurture you, serve you, heal you, and bless you even more?”

I had never thought to ask these types of questions before. Up to that point, it was always about “me, me, me” and focusing on my own insecurities when it came to my relationship with money.

Imagine asking your best friend questions like the ones above. They would probably want to be around you all the time! Thankfully, this is exactly what began to occur in my life as far as how I then experienced money. I started attracting more of it, because I was treating it like I would a kindred spirit—a friend I respected and cared about.

As we noted above, money itself is a living, breathing energy that is here to fulfill its purpose of being the embodiment of giving and receiving—just as we are all here to fulfill our own purpose.

Just as there are principles of gravity, aerodynamics, attraction, and much more, there is also a principle of circulation.

Money is the physical representation of the energy exchange that takes place during the principle of circulation, which is all about the natural flow of giving and receiving energy.

That’s all it is!

With this new understanding, we can actually see that money has been spiritual all along. All of those misconceptions we placed around money had absolutely nothing to do with money itself and everything to do with our own behavior toward it.

The next time the thought appears in your consciousness that money is anything less than positive and spiritual, use it as an opportunity to experience a huge breakthrough. The mind likes to stay in its comfort zone, and many of the misconceptions we have around money are just the mind’s way of protecting itself, making it feel safe and secure so it does not have to look outside itself for new ideas and solutions.

The triggers we feel when the word “money” comes up are indicators that something within us is looking to expand.

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It is part of the well-being we’re meant to experience in this world. The Universe itself is a vast, unlimited, and ever-expanding energy, so why would we think we are anything less than that?

I hope these words have given you a new perspective to consider that will ultimately support you in being at peace with your experience of money and financial abundance.

Money needs our compassion, support, and love. This is how we will heal it from the trauma it has endured for thousands of years. And it is what will heal our relationship with money, once and for all.

Emmanuel Dagher is the author of the new book Easy Breezy Prosperity: The Five Foundations for a More Joyful Abundant Life RODALE in January, 2016. A highly sought after Transformation Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Inspirational Social Media Personality and Speaker, Emmanuel  is touted by many as a next generation new thought leader. He is a gifted humanitarian who is devoted to assisting people and the planet in positive transformation. Visit his website www.emmanueldagher.com or find him on Twitter and FB.


Image courtesy of Negative Space.