Today I’m talking with a beautiful friend of mine Elena Brower. Elena is a well-known yoga instructor, but she’s so much more than that.

Just before this interview, I came across her blog post about the ritual of recovery and her spoken word piece about her struggle with addiction. The writing and the piece are so powerful, and really resonated with me.

“I am tasked to think sweet thoughts about myself: you are beautiful, this is ok, everything is just going to pass.” – Elena Brower

She also has written a fantastic book, The Art of Attention, about living mindfully and what happens when you give yourself that time and that space to be awake in your life. This woman is just inspiring, and I am so impressed with her honesty, and how she has just no shame. It’s such a wonderful model for healing, and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation.

I hope you enjoy. Listen here.

As always, take care of you.

Love Love Love,


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Image courtesy of Ivo Dimitrov.