I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with today’s guest. I first got turned on to Jonathan Fields and his work when he created something called the Good Life Project. He interviewed twenty-nine change makers and asked them one question: what do you think makes a good life?

Jonathan is doing so much good in this world. He is smart, incredibly well read, and my favorite thing about him is that he thinks outside the box and challenges your ideas. There is just a really abundant feeling around him. I’m so excited because I was on his podcast, and now I finally get to have him on mine!

“A sense of profound and enduring meaning, is really central in our desire to live good lives.” – Jonathan Fields

Today we’re talking about a subject that is a passion for both of us: what lights people up.

Do we have a right to do what lights us up? @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

What is the difference between having the right to do that and the privilege? I know you’re going to enjoy our conversation, and hopefully it gets you inspired to pursue your own passions. CLICK HERE to listen


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Image courtesy of Sean and Lauren.