I believe that self-love is the path to true love. @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

So today I am sharing my top three non-negotiable self-care practices.

1. Create Healthy Boundaries

Establishing and enforcing healthy boundaries may not seem like an obvious pick for daily self-care but in truth, if you master this art, you will be emotionally well taken and all of your relationships will benefit.

2. Daily Chill Time

Adding a legit appointment to your daily calendar for solo, quiet time will nourish your soul. It can be as little as ten to thirty minutes used for meditation, breath work, stretching or a quiet cup of tea before the your day ramps up or the rest of your house wakes up.

3. Prioritize Your Pleasure

At least once a day do something simply because it feels good to you. In our hyper-productive, multi-tasking lives doing something just for the fun or feel of it is a good way to amp up your joy quotient and release some feel good hormones in the process!

Another essential part of self-care is being mindful of how you fuel your body. Today I’m talking about blending, juicing, being healthy, and how to stay balanced in the way you approach eating. My guest and friend Jamie Graber just wrote a book called Juice It, Blend It, Live It. She’s also the owner of a café in New York that I frequent called Gingersnaps Organic.

“Food is pleasure, and it should be enjoyed and there should be pleasure and there should be happiness and no guilt around it.” – Jamie Graber

After being a vegetarian for as many years as I have, you get bored. I mean really, how many kale smoothies can I eat? But what I love about Jamie’s recipes is that she’s using different ingredients and superfoods. Listen in to hear how her journey led her to health food, why she values balance in all aspects of her life, and her favorite superfoods.

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