When you hear the words healthy eating, what do you think?

Does your mouth start to water, like ‘Wow can’t wait for some healthy food’?

Or is the subtext for healthy eating more like, Warning: Tasteless Dining Ahead?

For me, my greatest struggle with healthy eating was the negative association I had. Back in the day, I thought healthy eating meant cottage cheese with melba toast, or fat free (yet chemically filled) cream cheese on a light mini bagel with a few baby carrots! And yes the whole world has changed since then (although full disclosure I sometimes miss an endless supply of Snackwell Devil’s Food Cake cookies. Come on how bad could they be? I used to reason, they’re FAT FREE PEOPLE!!), but I digress. My point was to say that my biggest struggle with clean eating was that I loved delicious food and thought eating healthy meant giving up my faves like veggie fried rice and truffle mac and cheese.

When you picture your favorite, most indulgent foods, what comes to mind?

Can you  imagine a dream world where a few tweaks to those foods and voila! they now help you meet your goal of healthy eating?

Fried rice that is actually good for you, mac and cheese becoming a healthy lunch staple, and desserts like brownies moving from no way to the yes please!

(Cue “Chariots of Fire” theme song.)

On this week’s podcast:

Dreams DO come true…guilt-free dreams of eating healthy AND tasty! @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

Oh and did I mention easy? Because we all know if a recipe includes 700 hard-to-find ingredients and requires a convection oven…no one is making it no matter how good it tastes.

This brings me to my pal and Hello Freedom guest, Arielle Haspel, a health and nutrition expert with a serious knack for turning unhealthy foods into clean (and delicious) eating.

Arielle teaches cooking classes, leads group coaching sessions, and has her own show on HealthiNation called Clean Eating,where she gives all kinds of info, tricks and nutritional advice.

I hope you enjoy listening in to my conversation with Arielle, where we talk all about how she decided to get into the world of food, how she started her jewelry line, and why listening to music has made her happier and more productive.

“Freedom means space and time to be my happiest self.” – Arielle Haspel

Also stay tuned to get your hands on Arielle’s ridiculously delicious and healthy fried “rice” quinoa recipe, PLUS tips and strategies to convert your faves into the new definition of healthy eats!

Click HERE to listen now.

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Image courtesy of Anas Maarawi.