Nothing is more frightening than to say ‘I Love You’ when you truly mean it” said the Soul Mechanic looking at all the young and beautiful people roaming around the coffee shop like bees in a garden. “Look at them: they come in all colors, shapes, smells and voices. Funny creatures we are, divine and confused.” People from other tables turned to smile at us as we talked over a cup of coffee at noon. “You’ve probably noticed: the easiest thing in the world is to judge another person. It comes natural, it’s like the thoughts just pop out like popcorn in our head when we see another. But to say ‘I Love You’ is the most difficult thing in the world.”

“Why is that?” I asked, but looking at the gorgeous barista with dark spiky hair, giant weird piercings in her ears and wearing fishing boots with a short tight pink skirt.

“I will explain, but listen carefully and look at me. Leave the girl for a moment, you’re giving her hiccups. Now:

You can love only from your soul. Only the real you can love. The dark side of you – your ego – is the voice of fear, and the ego cannot love and will not love you or anyone else because it is only fear.

There is no fear in love (John 4:18), which means there is no ego in love. When you love, the ego disintegrates. That is why, when you want to open your heart and love, the ego performs its last trick on you to save itself, and gives you a shock of fear, hoping you will associate your will to love with the fear you’re feeling in the moment. But that cannot be. Perfect love casteth out fear (John 4:18), which means love makes the ego disappear. And when the ego disappears, guess what? You find yourself.

When you begin to truly love, fear will be gone from your life. Dr. Dragos (Click to Tweet!)

And you want that, right?”

Dr. Dragos

DR. DRAGOS – Internationally renowned scientist and filmmaker, director of the award-winning documentary film, THE AMAZING YOU, featuring NASA legends, Rock stars, New York Times bestselling authors and the Angry Birds. Dragos spoke at conferences on five continents and his work has been translated in sixteen languages. Check out his new book: Sleepers. You can follow him on FB.



Image courtesy of Angel Monsanto III.