Today— July 6th—is my birthday and it brings me great JOY to get to share this day ever year with the Dalai Lama.

I am celebrating and rejoicing in the promise of another year ahead and feeling deep gratitude for the past year that has brought me so much.

My birthday wish?

I would like to get to meet many more of you and witness your transformational experiences here at Positively Positive. Please feel free to share and comment on my blog posts, and ask me anything about my work as a body image expert, teacher, and author. I consider my work a privilege, and feel honored to do what I do; I am here to serve you.

With my birthdate falling squarely under the Cancer sign, I wanted to share some tidbits about Cancer babies. I’ve condensed some of the teachings from Karen Berg below:

-Innately, Cancers have an ability to hang on and see things through. Like the crab, which is the symbol of this month, people born under this sign can attach themselves to something — be it a goal, a relationship, or an idea – and not let go. This powerful characteristic, however, can either work for them…or against them.

-Cancers are generally hard workers, pressing diligently to find their way in this life. Personal and familial relationships are important to them, as is a good and comfortable home.

-Cancer is a water sign, and the seat of all emotion lies in this month. When driven by love, this emotion gives the Cancer a huge capacity for warmth, empathy, and true kindness. But when motivated by fear, this emotion can flow the other way—perhaps into anger or sadness.

-Crabs can travel across the ocean bed if they are next to each other, connected to one another. In this way, they form a line that joins them across the ocean to the next destination.

-This is a great visual of a powerful truth. When we can find some kind of unity with others —when we can see the spark of the Creator that exists in the other person, just as it exists within ourselves — when we realize that we truly are “in this together” – then, in spite of our fears, there is no ocean we cannot cross, no matter how uncertain the path may seem.

It is such a cliché to ask someone, “What’s your sign?” Yet, with what knowledge I have of astrology, I actually find it fascinating because there are so many truths in there…though you may have to dig a little deeper than your weekly horoscope.

As I look back on my whole life, and not just this past year, I can see how I have always been (and will continue to be) a seeker of truth wherever I go. I see that seat of emotion within myself, manifesting itself in my interactions with others. And I see my tendencies toward attachment and connection and community.

I believe your astrological sign says a lot about who we are, and that it is relevant in our lives. With all the affection of a true Cancer, let me say that I am glad you are here reading this, and I wish you a fun and fulfilling July.

What’s YOUR sign?

Please feel free to comment and tell us how you relate to your own astrological attributes.

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