When you are receiving a reading from a psychic, certain phrases can alert you to someone posing as a psychic. Be objective: if you hear these statements, don’t automatically think the worst. You always have the choice to ask questions. Sometimes our dictionaries are out of synch and it could be a simple miscommunication that is quickly rectified by asking for them to explain what they meant.

One time I mentioned an aspect of a client’s personality as a tendency to be a loner. The client looked puzzled and I asked what she had heard. She responded by saying “Lonely.” I repeated loner and expanded what I had sensed. A loner is never lonely, on the contrary. Some are more like contemplatives, needing to take a solitary walk to clear their heads.

A genuine psychic will speak with precise details while a fake stumbles. Don’t forget: you are in charge. Here are some examples that may suggest a possible scam and advice on how to avoid them. While most psychics are incredibly skilled and honest, a few are not.

I hope these following seven tips help you and your friends discern if they are legitimate. If they are, they will not use any tricks to compel you to divulge too much information or ask for extra money than the original price.

1. If they ask you to describe your personal life, they may be seeking specific words which represent either your challenges or your personality. Keywords paint a picture, words they can later tweak and repeat back to you. We prefer to read someone with a cold reading, in other words, with no facts to bring us out of our intuitive channel and into our analytical mind. The less information you tell us, the more we get to use our intuition.

Respond by telling them just to give you a general reading; to tell you what they see in your aura. Listen until the reading ends and then ask questions. Don’t be afraid and sit like a puppet, but don’t start nodding your heads either. Be relaxed. If someone comes into my office terrified of me saying something bad (remember, the future is potential only) and they are shut down, I am not going to see very much.

2. If they say something like “I see a bicycle in your aura… what does that mean to you? they are using another form of the previous scam. By describing an ambiguous image and expecting you to interpret it, they are searching for personal information again.

Respond by saying, “You are reading me, and I prefer not to answer questions. Please tell me what the bicycle (or image) symbolizes to you.”

3. If they give vague information, requiring you to fill in the blanks such as “You took a trip… when you were young… possibly with someone, not your parent… I see it was north of you… or maybe west of you…” they could also be fishing for some details. With a few more one-size-fits-all hints, many people finally begin to fill in the blanks because all the vague hints eventually do remind you of a trip you did take… if you tweak it a little. “Yes!” they exclaim as they add a few more generic details built on your comments. However, they didn’t channel anything. They forced you to insert the explanation for information deliberately left unclear. Most everyone has taken a trip as a child; that is an easy guess.

Respond by asking the person to be more specific. If they cannot give more details, stop the reading until they explain what they see.

4. If they ask you why you came in, they want information about your personal life again. A phony quickly spouts out stereotypical information relating to divorce, job loss, or family problems.

Respond by saying that you only want a general reading to start in which they tell you what they perceive in your aura. You will ask specific questions later.

5. If they blame you for an inaccurate reading, claiming you have no energy or some sludge in your fieldthey could be trying to distract you. If you disagree with fake intuitive, they will point quickly the finger at your energy field to distract you. Nothing is your fault.

Respond by ending the reading.

6. If they insist your doubts are wrongthey may be trying to sidestep culpability. Sometimes when you challenge the information, a fake will insist that you are wrong, avoiding the truth. They will claim their guides are insisting that they are right. This can backfire on them too. The reality of the situation is that you know who you are and if their statements about you or your personality are off-base, stop the reading. Rarely, some will even insist that you are denying this part of yourself.

Respond by ending the session and walking away.

7. Be very wary if they tell you that your run of bad luck is caused by a cursebad energy, or your Karma, which they can remove of course. For a little extra money. This can be a scary one because all people really think they know about curses is from horror movies or television shows which make you susceptible to irrational fear. There is no such thing as a curse. Never has been; never will be. Someone who believes in curses will become affected solely by their own thoughts. Don’t forget the power of suggestion! Regarding karma, reincarnation believes that souls come down for many lifetimes. Your karma is your soul’s curriculum. It cannot be removed until the person learns the lesson.

Respond by ending the session and leaving, no matter what they say. Preying on impressionable people is the worst thing that the fake psychics can do.

If you decide to cut the session short, don’t feel obligated to explain yourself! Just leave as you say, “I don’t feel that you and I are connecting.” Never be afraid to end a reading; it simply ends an exchange of words. Stopping a bad reading is better than walking around with your subconscious mind filled with lies. If the psychic is credible, and no connection has been established (it happens to all of us), ask for a refund. Most of us give a 100% money-back guarantee on our work.

A genuine psychic can gather information without any tricks. With a genuine, compassionate psychic, you will experience a gently guided inner journey. You will leave the session inspired by facts and feeling enlightened.

Lesley Joan Lupo is an internationally renowned professional Intuitive. She has had her own practice for twenty-one years and has worked at the famed Canyon Ranch for over 20 years, assisting countless people with her remarkable psychic abilities. Her prestigious clientele include TV, movie, music, and Broadway celebrities, as well as, politicians, royalty, and business leaders. Lesley offers readings through her private practice Light the Path or at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Described as a “science-minded” mystic by Dr. Gary Schwartz, she teaches workshops on setting intention, releasing self-sabotage, and using your own intuition. A profound near-death experience has resulted in her new book Every Breath is Precious: Dying Taught Me How to Live (Fall, 2018). Lesley resides on the Advisory Boards of Eternea and the Tucson chapter of IANDs (International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc.) You can find more information here: LesleyJoanLupo.com.

Image courtesy of Kaboompics // Karolina.