Have you ever had something come back around like a romantic relationship, friendship, job, or career path that you thought was over?

Or perhaps you’ve gotten a second chance with a different situation or cast of characters. Like a new relationship after a divorce or a job after being laid off. Or even your health after getting to the other side of an illness.

Second chances do happen for all of us and when they do, it is important that we apply the lessons we learned the first time around. Many of us are great about doing this because we are intentional about not wanting to repeat the same kind of what we’d call mistakes again. We approach second chances with gratitude and excitement.

But second chances can also produce fear. I see this frequently with clients. At first, they are thrilled at getting another shot at something, but then all kinds of anxiety creeps in. They start questioning themselves and notice old patterns coming up.

What is fascinating (and rather sad) about us humans sometimes is that the closer to what we truly want gets, the more we attempt to push it away. Obviously, this is not a conscious thing we do, the saboteur is very sneaky…yet powerful. And the reason we sabotage is because we have not fully healed the core issues and misunderstandings around love and worthiness.

You’ll listen to an example of this with my caller this week on Over it and On With It. Jenny has gotten a second chance in regards to a romantic relationship. She would love to just feel grateful and excited, yet what she is experiencing is a roller coaster of emotions.

Tune in to listen to me coach Jenny and give you tips for not sabotaging the things in your life that you want most. And while you’re there catch up on past episodes where I cover topics such as: How to know if someone is the “one”, Why break-ups are so hard, and How to DO less and BE more. To see all shows go here.

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