What does balance even mean and how do we find it?

We do not find balance by squeezing in a yoga class at the end of the day still thinking about work in our downward dog. And we do not create balance by downing a green juice after a night of red wine. Now I’m all for yoga and green juice but we only experience true balance when we are in a even rhythm of ….

Input and output,
of being of doing,
of giving and receiving,
of masculine and feminine,
of action and surrender,
of creating and replenishing.

I make a point of balancing my energy by investing the time to do the opposite of what we are conditioned to do all the time which is to be doing something all the time.

Since I’ve been in a big doing phase lately with my book coming out, I am leaving today to go totally off the grid, be in nature (I’m even camping OMG), and be in ceremony with an incredible spiritual teacher (who does not have a website, imagine that!).

Some people, including my own ego who can be super pushy, think I’m crazy to be disconnected the week before a big book launch . . . shouldn’t I be in front of a computer micro-managing everything?? NO! I would seriously go crazy if I did not take this time to totally disconnect from all things doing-related and just be. I realize that to fulfill my mission to ease suffering on the planet, not to mention be a loving daughter, sister, friend, teacher, and coach, that it is imperative that I nurture my soul.

My encouragement to you is to take an honest look at how balanced your life is. Are you taking time to disconnect and connect to the Divine? Are you listening to the demands of your ego way more that the whispers of your soul?

Time spent disconnecting from the external and reconnecting to your internal guidance and the Divine is time well spent! @christinhassler (Click to Tweet!)

This change in season is a KEY time to go within, reflect, recharge, and retreat. Your soul and the people in your life will thank you for it. And you do not have to go away to sacred land to do it. Just turning off your cell phone for a day and being in nature will do wonders for your spirit. Or devoting an entire 24 hours to simply being with loved ones with no TV, internet, or errands.

How are you committing to experiencing more balance in your life?

You will be amazed at how effective doing less truly is.



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