G’day mates and greetings from Australia, where I have been having heaps (that is Australian for “lots”) of fun over here speaking, coaching and having some time to explore this beautiful country.  I love it here, the people here are so lovely, as are their accents.

It has also been deeply fulfilling to do my work down under and get to know people on a deeper level. In many of my sessions with people, an expression they shared with me that is commonly given as advice is: “Don’t be a tall poppy.” It means: do not stand out, do not try to be bigger or better than anyone, blend in.

I’ve noticed that many Australians are suffering from tall poppy syndrome – the fear of being resented, attacked, cut down, or criticized because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers. So they often underestimate themselves and play small. The price that anyone, no matter where you live, pays for not shining your light is a deep sense of longing and feeling rather “blah.”

Answering your inner call and “de-blahing” is not about being a braggart or egomaniac preaching your gospel from a pedestal. It’s not about being a tall poppy. And it’s definitely not about being famous.

I explain what it’s really about below and in this week’s vlog from my hotel room in Brisbane (which I loved because it was decorated with heaps of purple, little things like that make me giddy).

Here is the key difference between shining your light and being a tall poppy: it’s all about where you are coming from inside.

You are being a tall poppy when you are coming from your ego. You know you are coming from ego when you want some kind of result like validation, recognition, attention, material gains, or getting someone to do something you want.

You are shining your light when you are coming from your authentic self. You know you are coming from your heart when you are not at all concerned with results.  Rather you are sharing and serving because you just cannot help it. It radiates from you. It is who you are.

Not sharing your gifts fully is a disgrace to God. Your gifts, and we ALL have unique gifts so do not underestimate or undervalue yours, are a gift from God. It is not only safe for you to share them it is your responsibility!! Your “job” here is to add to creation by creating!

When you fully radiate who you are, you may stand out and draw attention. People are attracted to the light so be prepared to be seen. Conversely, not everyone will necessarily support you and may attempt to cut you down. Do not let that effect you. Stay true to your heart and Spirit will support you.

It’s time STAND TALL AND SHINE. Drop any story about being a tall poppy that is keeping you small. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

Blessings from Australia,


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Image Courtesy of 651975.