Last month I moved – and I am not speaking metaphorically. I physically left Los Angeles after over 16 years of living there and moved to San Diego. It was 100% an intuitive decision that made no logical sense. I love LA and have been happy there. I was super dialed in and lived a very comfortable lifestyle.

However that was the problem.  There was too much certainty and my heart was craving a change, even though my head really tried to talk me out of it.  Moving is stressful and I did not want to start over in a new city. I was nervous to leave the City of Angels that has been the place I’ve basically grown up in.

But I have learned that ignoring my heart and listening only to my head is not the best way to live. So I did it . . . and I’m soooooo happy!!!

And I want you to move too. Not necessarily out of your physical home but definitely out of your comfort zone!!! If we have too much certainty in our lives, we do not grow. I share about why more in today’s vlog.


Getting out of your comfort zone is massively important. This is not news to you, yet how often do you consciously create experiences that make you uncomfortable?

Tony Robbins talks about how we have six basic human needs. Two of those needs are certainty and uncertainty. Usually we are pretty good at meeting our certainty needs. We love plans, control and latching on to things or people who make us feel safe. We are not so great with creating uncertainty in our lives because it usually is fairly uncomfortable.

But being uncomfortable is not something to fear. Living a complacent life where you do not grow into your full potential is way scarier!!

My encouragement to you today is to do something, even just one small thing, that pulls you out of your comfort zone. It can be as small as talking to a stranger or as big as deciding to quit your job and finally listen to that calling you have been ignoring for years.

Here is something REALLY important to consider: If you do not consciously take action that creates some uncertainty and discomfort in your life, then the Universe will create it for you because that is how we grow.

I don’t know about you, but I have had plenty of growth moments that have come in the form of Expectation Hangovers so I’d much rather choose my growth adventure.

Plus, uncertainty is FUN! Sure it can produce some butterflies in your stomach but that is an invigorating feeling to have. You feel alive!

Please do not live a rinse-and-repeat life.  Create some uncertainty. Take a step (it does not have to be a giant leap) out of your comfort zone. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

What’s the step you’ll take today or someday in the very near future? Share with me in the comments below so I can cheer you on and coach you through any fears.  


P.S. I have a new podcast where I coach people LIVE on the air. Head over to Over it and On With It and listen in for inspiration and action steps.

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