Imagine the immense value of this unique date. Profound in both its fantasy and its reality.

The fantasy speaks of the ending of calendars from ancient, wiser civilizations, and even of time itself stopping—of life never being the same. The reality says that life has really never been the same. The fact that life seems so familiar from moment to moment is the very nature of this timely—and timeless—illusion.

11.11.11 is, in fact, a peak moment in the continuum of this illusion of time. And it is this moment that we are now celebrating.

Ever since this Universe first began with a bang, everything from microwaves to atoms have been accelerating wildly. From the collision that created the Moon, to the annihilation of the dinosaurs, to primates standing up, to the discovery of fire, to spoken language. Now we’ve reached another one of those momentous tipping points, an evolutionary apex where our very existence moves exponentially forward. Only this time it does so from our inner landscape—the world within.

Science tells us that our material Universe has contained the exact same amount of matter since the moment it all began some 13.8 billion years ago, expanding and stretching at a rate of 50 million miles-per-minute. There have been many moments when the resulting tension, pressure, stress, and friction from this stretch have reached a game change. This is one of those moments.

Up until now, the old system has always been about might, right, and survival. Bone and muscle have been the defining rulers. Social extensions of bone and muscle have been money and weapons. Those with the most of these were able to dominate everyone else. The new system will be governed by the clarity, power, and focus of brain, nerves, and will—evolving us from force and survival, to focus and awareness. From might to insight. Where we were once empowered by dominating, we will now be empowered by our understanding.

Beginning on 10.28.11 and maximizing from 11.11.11 to 12.21.12 marks the core of this shifting period. And though it is not so much about a single day in which all changes occur, these 13 months are a significant crescendo in the acceleration of these changing times. This is about science more than philosophy. It’s about real physics acting on our physical bodies, as opposed to metaphysics acting on our subtleties.

This is not so much about believing beyond our experience as it is about understanding and knowing what we are experiencing. We are now compelled to fully awaken; to show up, align, and tune in; to lead the way forward with our sheer examples.

11.11.11 marks and celebrates this moment in time. Be wise. Be healthy, happy and holy. Join the celebration with the meditations happening all around the world.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist, Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.