How can one even think about receiving when it’s Thanksgiving? That’s why I think it’s a good idea to shake things up a bit and talk about receiving, since giving and receiving go hand-in-hand.

In a passage from Marianne Williamson’s book, “Enchanted Love,” she states, “receiving is a blessing, and at the bottom they are the same thing. When we can’t receive, we are people who, though fed, have malfunctioning digestive systems and therefore remain unnourished.” Meaning if we are not open, we can’t allow it in and digest the gift.

During this time of year, it’s wonderful to receive things from those we love. We all know people that make us feel good just by being in their presence. When we feel gratitude or give thanks, we receive a blessing from those people.

Being open is key. We usually aren’t open to something because we are focused on controlling “the how.” But receiving comes in all different forms, we just have to be attuned to ourselves and not attached to how receiving plays out in our lives.

If you want to receive, think about the things you want, and what is happening—not what isn’t happening. Negative thought patterns can become entrenched in your psyche, so take an inventory of your thoughts and self-talk and adjust them accordingly.

I remember saying to one of my mentors, “I feel like I’m the one giving, and not on the receiving end.” He said, “You have received, you just didn’t recognize it when it was in front of you.” We may intellectually think we deserve something, but emotionally we may feel very undeserving of our ability to receive it. I was receiving many blessings from people, it just wasn’t registering—it wasn’t sinking in.

As an exercise, start to tune in to yourself. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Consciously send love to yourself by repeating “I am open to receive.” Breathe it in. It’s simple, but very powerful, and it only takes a minute.

As you learn to receive more support and love from others, and begin loving yourself intentionally, that’s when the real flow starts to happen. You don’t want to be like a loading dock, always shipping out, not allowing any ships to come into port—you have to make room to receive.

During this holiday season, give to the people you have received from in your life (and even to the people you haven’t). Acknowledge them, support them, and by all means LOVE THEM. Let them know you care, and how special they are to you. You will receive a wonderful acknowledgment back. Let the cycle of giving and receiving begin, you never know what wonderful gift the universe has in store for you!

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