Kids are wondrous, enlightening, and magical. Just watch them carefully and you could learn some valuable lessons about life right before your eyes.

I was watching my youngest daughter as she was transforming our living room into a life-size maze, or as she would call it, an “obstacle course.”  This time I neglected the fact that my living room was in total disarray. I could not help but to be delighted.

I noticed a few things about the way my daughter played. She never stopped for a moment to worry about what she would do next. She had a permanent smile on her face along with a few moments of uncontrolled laughter. When I stepped in to help cover the maze with bedsheets thinking that this was what she wanted, she saw the “good” in me and responded with, “That’s okay mommy, I didn’t really want that there—but I like it!” When her mission was complete, I was elected to try out the course. All I could hear while crawling on the floor, trying to maneuver myself underneath the chairs, was the sweet sound of my daughter’s voice cheering, “Yay mom, you can do it!”

Hmmm… spontaneity, diligence, no worries, no criticisms, simplicity, encouragement, laughter, and fun—what didn’t I learn from my 7-year-old that day?

Life is not always simple. There are too many worries each day and wherever you go, there are critical people, lack of encouragement, and many complicated tasks to do. However, we can learn some meaningful lessons from children about life.

1.  Be less worried and more hopeful.

2.  Encourage at least one person a day.

3.  Don’t be so critical because we understand that this world isn’t perfect.

4.  Make an effort to chill out, laugh more, and have fun.

5.  It’s okay to be spontaneous. Take your family or loved one on a spontaneous outing!

6.  Sometimes “simple” is the way to go.

7.  Work hard!

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