Allowing yourself to SHINE may take some healing and learning of new tools. I know in my life, it took time to connect the dots on how I was holding myself back on some level. When I was little, I was not encouraged to “let my light shine!” Instead I was given messages like “do as I say, not as I do,” or “don’t rock the boat,” and “you want to be careful.” The point is that I was held back, and got the clear message early on—DON’T BE TOO BIG!

So how do you let yourself SHINE when you have been taught the opposite?

There are other people who don’t have any issue in this area. I have a very dear friend that thrives on success. She was always encouraged to excel and succeed at anything. She doesn’t have limitations of not being good enough or giving herself permission to let it all light up.

If you are someone who was not encouraged to shine, chances are you, too, have trouble letting that sparkle out and succeeding in your life. So let’s turn it around!

Here are some questions that can help you begin the process.

Are you giving yourself PERMISSION to SHINE?
Does being in the spotlight or being acknowledged feel natural to you?
Do you feel uncomfortable and avoid having the attention on you?
Can you allow yourself to be the focus—to take center stage?

These questions can help you understand how comfortable you are with letting other people notice and acknowledge you. If you are having difficulty, reach out for help. There is a wealth of experts and a lot of POSITIVE inspiration on this site as well.

For this week, take some fun, BOLD steps to “SHINE” within your own life.

Allow yourself to be FRONT and CENTER. Whether you take a quiet moment to acknowledge yourself or you have a Tony Robbins “Hour of Power” where all eyes are on you. Take it. Own it. And allow yourself to shine inside and out!

Marianne Williamson said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  SHINE BRIGHT!

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