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Amber Rae

“Love Your Work And Work Your Love”

by revolution.is contributor, Dave Brown

Working dreams won’t get you rich. But amazing things happen when you take risks.

In summer of ’98, I sold my drum kit for gas money and convinced my college roommate to drive me from Ithaca to San Diego. All I kept was a pack of Field Notes and my Beach Boys records. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” was playing and it was at that moment that I decided to invest in myself. I had thirty bucks, a landline, and a ton of motivation.

I have never written a business plan, yet I have three businesses that I’ve been running for over a decade now. I can’t read a lick of sheet music, yet I’ve toured the world managing bands. You wouldn’t want me to adjust your camera’s F-stop, yet I’ve worked on three films and produced a web series.

I don’t know anything about book publishing, so naturally, I wrote and self-published a book.

I’ve never been overly great at drawing, but I’ve been an art director on projects for Zappos, MTV, and TOMS. I don’t drive a Ford, but I’m continually hired to help promote their vehicles.

I grew up attending public schools and battled with reading comprehension, yet now I’m invited to lecture at Ivy Leagues.

I don’t own cable television, but I’ve licensed music to Californication, Nip/Tuck, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy. CSS, HTML, and Java mean nothing to me, yet I’m preparing to launch an iPhone app.

Life changes the minute you start doing what you love. And guess what—it’s never too late to get started.


Dave Brown lives in Brooklyn, NY. By day, he’s Director of Digital Strategy at MKG, working with brands such as Evian, Delta, Warby Parker and Google. By night, he’s a blogger, author, record label owner and community organizer. Dave’s obsessed with ice-hockey, the movie Rushmore and meeting others committed to making this world more awesome. In 1999, he coined the motto, “Love your work. Work your love.”

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Amber Rae is a passion catalyst, authority challenger, and motivational muse. In the last 365 days, Amber worked with Seth Godin to launch The Domino Project, helped Derek Sivers turn his book into a best-seller, created revolution.is which shares stories of remarkable people living unconventional lives, and launched a “Passion Experiment” program where she helps people give their dreams direction. She’s been seen in The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, BBC, and on ABC World News. For more about Amber you can visit her website orTwitter.