The greatest opportunity we have in life is discovering what we’re meant to do—and then doing it. For me, there’s no greater feeling than being awake, alive, and impassioned, fearlessly contributing my gifts to the world so that in every step I take forward, others take a step forward too.

I help people claim the lives they’re meant to live: people who, by “conventional” standards, are successful but know deep down that something is missing. Those who aspire to boldly take the leap but feel scared and cannot shake the nagging voice of “What the hell am I doing?” Those who know they’re meant to give and be so much more.

The process of discovering the life you’re meant to live isn’t easy—but definitely worth it. It takes dedication, focus, and a willingness to fail. At times it will be scary, dark and unknown. But through the darkness comes the gift of clarity and light, the reasons to celebrate, and the realization that “I am truly alive and this is what it feels like to be living.” The future you imagine starts to become real and you find yourself on the path toward your full potential.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few years in discovering my own path, it’s that we possess far more potential than we realize. And once this potential is unleashed, we expose our talents to the world, and we’re able to make any vision, any dream, a reality.

Think you’re ready to claim the life you’re meant to live?

Here are five signals that your full potential is calling:

1. You feel it in your gut.

Deep down, you feel that something is missing. This may feel like a lightness or a weight, or a pull toward something that you can’t quite describe yet. It feels like a sense of anticipation that won’t be met unless you take action.

2. You daydream about what’s possible.

You frequently find yourself in your head, picturing details of a future that makes you feel so excited. You are aware that your current life does not match up with this vision, and part of you really loves the daydreaming—because it feels like that vision is the way things were meant to be.

3. Inspiring stories move you.

When you read or hear stories of people that are doing unusual or amazing things, you feel a pang of excitement and motivation. That part of you that is “ready” resonates with tales of others that were ready and moved to the next level. This feeling can range from sheer thrill to jealousy, but it’s triggered by stories of people doing things that you know you could do, but haven’t—yet.

4. You can’t shake the nagging voice.

No matter how much you try to focus on your work, or be grateful for your current circumstances, you keep sensing this little nag that says “This isn’t enough, this isn’t right, keep looking, keep going, I know it’s out there.” And when you sense this nag, you can tell it’s onto something.

5. You know it’s time.

At your core—underneath everybody’s expectations, all your obligations, your conversations—underneath all that, at your very, very core—you just know.

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Amber Rae is a motivational force of nature, hell-bent on cultivating a world where human potential is not governed by what we’re told we can and cannot do, but rather by our highest intentions and inner gifts. She’s obsessed with helping people claim the lives they’re meant to live, and designs her projects accordingly. She’s the creator of The Bold Academy, an experience designed to help people find their deepest clarity, build confidence, and unlock their ability to lead the life they’ve always wanted to live. In the last two years, Amber launched the Domino Project with Seth Godin, turned insomnia into a global movement via Night Owls, and helped hundreds of people give their dreams direction, many of which were through The Passion Experiment. She’s been seen in The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, BBC, and ABC World News. She also contributes to Fast Company. For more about Amber you can visit her website or on Twitter.