Every time we pass a homeless person on the street my son will want to stop and give him or her money. When they are holding a cup or are sitting with a sign we usually do. It is something I have always done and will continue to do. When I had children I would always try to find ways that would teach them that showing kindness to others is the way to live. They may not always want it or care for it, but that doesn’t stop us from doing what feels right.

My son in particular has this innate compassion that is truly heartwarming. Although he is a total boy, he also has this side that is just pure love. It is something I cherish deeply and honor in him.

The other day we were walking toward the beach and we passed by a woman who was sitting on the ground. She was clearly having a hard time getting up by herself. We stopped and asked if we could help her up. She reached her hand out to us and we (with the help of my husband) helped her up. I was carrying our beach chair and offered it to her.

“Really, you’re giving that to me?” she said, surprised.

“Yes, please.” we said.

We gave her the chair and helped her to sit in it as my son stood guard next to her, holding her purse. Then we gave her our water bottle and some money. The lady was so grateful, she kept blessing us and saying “God is so kind to me, how come I am getting such kindness, bless you, bless you!”

We continued our walk to the beach, my son had this focused, serene look on his face, this look of satisfaction and feeling of “we did the right thing” and “this is what you do when a person needs you.” Clearly we were the ones blessed, to be able to help this amazing woman who was so grateful for a simple beach chair, some water, and an outstretched hand. We walked on to the beach and enjoyed the rest of the evening with gratitude in our hearts.

My son will still stop for every person that needs help, he’ll give a nod of acknowledgment to those in need, shake their hands or give a high-five, clearly aware of the people around him. As a mom, I’m grateful to show our kids that kindness and giving goes a long way. I’m happy that it’s part of his nature, and knowing that if we do something good long enough, it becomes a habit, and this one is a good one to keep.

Siridyal was born into a family of Yogis. Her mother, a Yoga Teacher and Healer herself, taught her the importance of a practice. In 1999, she moved to New Mexico to study with Yogi Bhajan, who helped deepen her understanding and inspired her to embrace Yoga as a lifestyle. In addition to enjoying life with her two beautiful children and supportive husband, Siridyal gives healing treatments and Yogic counseling sessions and prenatal massages from her office in Santa Monica, CA. Her motto: “Keep up and you will be kept up!”. For more on Siridyal, please visit her WEBSITE.