By Maggie Lyon

Ever wonder why so many of us feel shaky, unsafe, and blocked in our lives?

The answer for most of us is FEAR. And the hurtful, wacky, messed up core beliefs that we create about ourselves based on this fear that we then literally pour our life foundations on.

Growing up, the fear that drove and ran my life was, “There is something wrong with me.” In other words, “I am flawed.” Not only was this my palpable ongoing fear—thanks to my psycho mom who starting when I was three told me I was morally flawed—but the fear actually calcified and turned into the dominant belief system that I built my entire identity around. To be blunt, I lived by the premise that I was inherently screwed up.

What’s totally wild about the initial fear seed that my mother planted is that it took years of anorexic perfectionism followed by horrific this-must-prove-I’m-flawed acne and finally a parasite as an adult to get me to face head-on the fear-based belief that had me in such a headlock. Only at age thirty-one did I embark on the journey of meditating on, sobbing about, screaming at, and diagramming my fear, all in order to dissolve it.

One day, some three years later, I watched in wonder as my entire bogus belief system came crashing down. That is when I saw the truth. That is when I understood that love is fear’s miraculous remedy. Through triumphing over fear and igniting love’s sacred vibration, we can ultimately heal.

Here’s what you need to know (and do!) in order to conquer fear and live in love:

1. Your fear-based belief is the ONLY thing that is flawed about you.

Identify exactly what this undermining belief is. De-construct it by replacing it with a new, positive belief based not on fear, but fueled by love. Soak yourself in this new love-infused belief as many times a day a possible. It might be, “I am whole,” “I am complete,” “I am worthy,” or “I am perfect exactly as I am.” Your love-based belief will create a solid and beautiful foundation that becomes the root of how you go on to flourish in your life.

2. Understand that there is no NOW in fear.

It is based entirely on what was in the past and what might be. Love on the other hand is synonymous with NOW. It is always available, immediate, and here. Commit to finding it in the present moment, no matter how rough your day, week, or year has been. Through the practice of saturating yourself right now with love, you line yourself up for the expansion of more and more of it in your future.

3. Just as fear breeds fear, LOVE FEEDS LOVE.

The more you nurture it, the more it grows. Eric Clapton wrote, “Plant your love and let it grow.” He is SO right. Once you plant the seeds of love and you believe in how wonderful and totally whole you are in this very moment, there is no stopping love. Even better than that, there is no stopping you.

When we install love in our lives in this way, we consistently tap into divine consciousness and are then bathed day after day in this highest, brightest, most astonishing of lights. If you ask me, there’s nothing more inspiring or Positively Positive than this.

I invite you to share your thoughts and stories below in the comments.

Maggie Lyon is a writer on wellness and spirituality, a motivational speaker, and a holistic lifestyle consultant. A practitioner of Zen Buddhism and Iyengar yoga for the past twenty years, Maggie is committed to guiding others on their individual quests to awaken to the sweetness in life. For more on Maggie, check out her blog or on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.