In my Manifestation Workshops I ask the people in the room to do a lot of things.

I ask them to sing.

To dance.

To twist.

To downdog.

To be silly.

To connect.

To declare their I-amness and then look into someone else’s eyes for three minutes without speaking.

To write.

A lot.

One of the things I have them write is a sentence that begins with

I take responsibility for ________. 

They then finish the sentence and keep writing for a few minutes.

The great thing about this journaling is that they have just gotten hot and sweaty and been taken to the edge in their yoga practice so their writing is more raw, less thought out, less inhibited. More truth-filled.

I ask them how often they keep a journal by their mat in yoga class. Most say never. It’s like taking a journal with you into your dreams as you sleep.

In my last workshop, I looked around at my packed workshop as they were writing the “I take responsibility for ________” portion and I noticed all the faces got dark, as if a cloud of worry and guilt landed between their eyebrows and started to rain heavy thoughts.

I suggested to the room: Don’t forget to take responsibility for your awesomeness.

The room lit up. The weather changed.

It was as if, at once, they all thought Oh yea, I am awesome! I forget sometimes.

Sometimes these questions lead us to the corners of our souls, and that is fine. We need to look there every once in a while and clean it out. But I would like to invite you all to go to the light places. The places where you are having a dance party (we do that in my workshop as well). The places were you are your best self.

Your highest self.

Today’s DMC (Daily Manifestation Challenge) is this: What can you take responsibility for in your own life? In the comment section below, start yours with: I take responsibility for ______________.

Also, take a look at where you are taking responsibility for what is not yours. For example, I no longer take responsibility for my dad dying. Not mine. I give it back.

Are you giving someone else responsibilities that aren’t theirs? How about this one: He makes me feel so bad about myself. My last relationship before I met my husband was this kind—the kind where I gave him all the power, blame and responsibility. I was unhappy all the time. I must’ve been if I refer to that time as The Dark Years.

Recently in my class it was our mantra. The mantra of responsibility. Whenever the hands come to prayer my students would silently say ” I take responsibility for __________.”

They filled in the blank with their own private universe of words.

The hands came to prayer at least fifty times so my hope is that a sort of rewiring occurs. My hope is that the cable has been re-installed, the lights switched back on, the rent paid. My hope is that they walk out of the room and into their homes with that new thought in their mind which in turn will shift their lives, in small or not so subtle ways.

I give out my Manifestation bracelets in class. I ask my students to look at that blue band and remember what they can take responsibility for.

(If you need this reminder feel free to ask me for a bracelet.)

One of my favorite students, a handsome older man who is a grandfather sent me this email recently:

Dear Jen, The bracelet is already working. I realized that I manifest to myself regret and sorrow.

So the bracelet reminds me to move away from that.

Also, the taking responsibility idea—very useful. Hard to do but necessary and


Where do you keep coming up with all this good stuff?

What can you take responsibility for today?

I take responsibility for how far I have come in three years.

I take responsibility for my own happiness.

I take responsibility for my choices.

I take responsibility for my creativity.

I take responsibility for my chaos.

I take responsibility for my kindness.

I take responsibility for the people I chosen to have in my life.

I take responsibility for my procrastination.

I take responsibility for my health.

Now it’s your turn.

Jennifer Pastiloff was recently featured on Good Morning America. She is a yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for children with special needs based in L.A. She is also the creator of Manifestation Yoga® and leads retreats and workshops all over the world. Jennifer is currently writing a book and has a popular daily blog called Manifestation Station. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.