A colorful sunset. Large inviting waves. Expansion can mean different things to different people. For some, expansion is a simple walk or sitting on the beach. In order to expand who you are though, you have to look beyond the horizon and be willing to see past your limiting beliefs about yourself. Easier said than done. If it were easy, all of us would be sailing off into the aforementioned sunset.

Create a Vision

Expansion doesn’t necessarily have to mean bigger. It may mean deeper. For example, you may want a bigger house or job promotion, but you may also want to grow more fully as a person. Expanding your ability to forgive and express compassion for another human being. Expansion may be about building a family or deepening your relationships with your loved ones. It’s about reaching out past your comfort zone and embracing more of who you are—creating a VISION!

But what keeps us from expanding and living the vision of our life? The answer is our beliefs. So if you are ready to drop some of your outdated views about yourself and incorporate a little discipline into your schedule, you just might find yourself developing a better you—a better life!

Be Willing to Explore and Break Through Your Limits

In order to expand, you have to be willing to explore the ways you limit your life. I know for me, one of my issues I had to work through was going from a surviving to a thriving mentality. Based on how I was raised and society’s messages, it has taken me a long time to step into my power and feel confident about my ability to create. For me, expanding meant changing my beliefs about myself. For you, it may mean, learning a new language or it may mean physically expanding, by traveling or moving into a new space. Whatever it is, have the courage to step into the unknown and reach for what you want out of life.

As an exercise, look at the ways you limit your ability to create, and then look at the ways you can turn it around and start moving into the direction of your desires. Most of the time, we focus on the negative; what isn’t working. With the topic of expansion and vision, I want you to focus and get clear about your limiting areas, not to indulge them, but to transform them and move on. As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge.” I say, “Bring it up and heal it out.” instead of going round and round with the same issue. It’s like driving a car. You get a flat. You either get it fixed or buy a new tire and get on your way. Don’t stay on the side of the road forever, complaining about your flat tire—do something about it! If you don’t do anything and just sit there hoping it will change—guess what?  You’ll be sitting there for a very long time.

Shift Your Focus to the Positive

The same is true about expansion. If you want to create more in your life, focus on it. Give it attention. Do something different. Sometimes life is so filled with challenge, we forget about all the good things happening around us. Part of learning how to expand means focusing on what is good in life, not what isn’t working. Do you ever notice when someone gives you a compliment and if you take it in, how your body seems to expand and feels really good? And conversely, when someone criticizes you, how your body can tighten?

Courage + Risk = Expansion

In expanding your life, courage and risk are key. You have to be willing to risk losing the old part of you that isn’t working or limiting your life. This is where it can get tricky. Because even though you say you want to change, you also may feel very attached and comfortable with this part of your life. Expanding means saying goodbye to the old.

In this week’s episode of LifeBites LIVE, “What is the VISION of your Life” with guest Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape Spiritual Center and the movie, “The Secret,” he has a favorite phrase:

“Vision without Action is Fantasy and Action without VISION is Chaos.”

So for this week, ground who you are in practicality, but be willing to expand into the vision of who you are. You may need to do an inventory of the ways you put limits on yourself. Then put into motion a plan to change it either by outside support or by gaining more knowledge. Focus on what you want to create—setting forth a POWERFUL intention. The famous NIKE slogan, “Just Do It” will bring about a better, more expanded you. You have to be willing to step into the unknown and then get excited about breathing it in!  This is how to expand and live your VISON!

Nina Boski is an entertainment and lifestyle expert and the host and Executive Producer of LifeBites LIVE, on emPOWERme.TV and a contributor for Positively Positive. (You can also catch Eric Handler Co-founder & Publisher of Positively Positive on this week’s episode of LifeBites LIVE, Thursday at 11 a.m. PST—Talking about the VISION of your life!