“You DO know what to do.”―Louise Hay

Do you use your own Inner GPS? Do you trust your internal wisdom to inform you of your next right action? Did you know that a divine, tricked-out GPS system comes standard with the human being package you were gifted at birth?

Or, do you need umpteen people to weigh in on every decision you make in your life? The more you keep asking others for direction—believing the answers are outside of you—the more lost you may become.

How do you discover the answer to your own questions? How do you reveal your truth and make decisions in line with your authentic self?

Try sitting in stillness and silence for five minutes every day for the next seven days. During this time, ask yourself the questions you have about decisions you need to make. Ask your heart what it really wants and what your next right action is. Plug into your inner GPS for directions. When you sit in stillness and silence, you create space for your answers to come to you, leading you down a more direct path to your truth and happiness.

Sometimes it is hard to accept what our mind and heart tell us. Is it our truth or a conditioned response? During this “asking for directions” time, your body will send you signals loud and clear. Whether it is that gut feeling, heart racing, or even a headache, your body’s reactions can oftentimes lead you to the right path before your mind. This happens because your mind is more evolved than your body and can over-analyze and play out every scenario. Your body is more instinctual and your subconscious can give physical clues of what you should do in a given situation.

Let’s use a very common problem: confusion. When you are at a crossroads, your fear mind is telling you to do one thing, but your body (instinct) is telling you to do something else. Your mind tells you that you are confused. This is where you need to turn on the GPS and tap into the profound power and wisdom your body has to offer.

When you are confused or conflicted about a decision, STOP, take a few deep breaths, and FEEL what your body is telling you. You may find that you are not confused but afraid to know what your body is saying. This knowledge may require you to take an action you do not feel ready to take. Reassure yourself with the truth that you can make an informed decision in your right and perfect time, but also realize that denying what you know deep down does not make it go away. Body consciousness will help you get to your truth sooner than later.

In order to live your own authentic life, you have to follow YOUR GPS—not someone else’s. When you make decisions based on the opinions of others, often you wind up resenting them. “Well, I did what so-and-so said and look where THAT got me!” Yes, that happens because they are not you. They cannot know your truth.

This is different than seeking advice from a mentor or trusted other whom you call upon when you want to brainstorm a decision. A mentor helps guide you and weigh your options. What we are exploring here is the efficacy of calling five people to make any decision.

Ultimately, even with the advice from a mentor, friend, or family member, you want to allow yourself to imagine and actually feel the different options in your body. This can reveal which path is right for you. By being still and silent, you allow your mind to delve beneath the chatter of fearful ruminating and projection to a place of expansion and possibility. In that clearing, your route unfolds with clarity and becomes easy to navigate.

The other important thing to remember is that you are perfectly capable of making informed decisions in your right and perfect time that are in line with your truth. Ultimately, the only one who can do that FOR you IS you.

I hope you have a congestion-free week filled with clarity and self-direction.

As always, I would love to know if this resonates with you, so please drop a comment about how you have learned to harness the power of your divine GPS to gain clarity in a situation. Or, ask for advice from this wise and loving Positively Positive Community and me.

Terri Cole, founder and CEO of Live Fearless and Free, is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning fear into freedom. Recently, Terri released her first CD “Meditation Transformation.” She is writing her first solo book “Flip Over and Float—Transform Fear into Freedom in 6 Simple Steps for Sustainable Change” and co-hosting Live Your Truth Love Your Life with yoga psychologist Ashley Turner. Terri is set to appear in Lifetime Network’s new show “The Conversation.” Terri can be found on her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.