How many times a day do you type a password into your computer? Every time you restart it? To access your email? To keep tabs on your bank accounts? To check in on Facebook? To update Twitter?

What if every time you typed in a password throughout the day—every one of the five, ten, twenty times you typed in some random combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, the name of your high school mascot or the street you grew up on—you could get closer to reaching your goal, being the person you want to be, feeling your best self?

Passwords are an untapped resource for living a better life—you just need to know how to use them. And, no, it’s not about having insider access to a website that helps you reach your goals, it’s as easy as changing the passwords you already use to positive messages.

Here’s why: each time we type in a password is an opportunity to declare a truth, to solidify a belief system, to engrain a mantra. So, why not take the opportunity to change your life one password at a time?

Regardless of your goals, desires, mantras, or needs, repetition is a key to internalization and success—and your passwords can do just that. Each time you type in “IAmBeautiful” or “IAmPowerful” or “IAmWorthy,” you declare that truth to yourself and the universe. You not only remind yourself, but also internalize the message. You start to own it. You start to believe it. You start to live it. By changing some of the passwords you type daily, you to begin to rewire your belief system and to internalize those thoughts.

For me, having struggled with an eating disorder in the past, changing my passwords to self-loving messages is an easy, powerful, and consistent reminder to love myself just a little bit more. It keeps me in check, forces me to remember to love myself and helps me to build and consistently reinforce the infrastructure of a belief system in which I love and appreciate my body for its strength, power, and beauty.

Whether you need to be reminded to be positive, to live life to the fullest, to appreciate your body, to love yourself, to embrace the unknown, to enjoy the ride, to believe in the universe, to stay true to your goals, to believe in yourself, to forgive yourself or others, to live your dream, or anything else, change your passwords to reinforce those goals. Because even when the process of typing in a password seems automatic, there is something profoundly powerful about typing positivity into your computer (and self) multiple times throughout the day.

Just remember, tor security reasons, it’s important to change your passwords regularly and keep them private.

Alexis Wolfer is the founder and editor-in-chief of, an online magazine that promotes Real Beauty, as well as a well-known beauty and lifestyle expert as seen on the Today Show, E! and more. She is also the creator of the international and viral Makeup Free Mondays movement. Follow Alexis on Twitter or find her on Facebook and on