By: Jeanine Nicole

“Relax your grasp on anything or anyone. Permit the universe to realign itself with the Highest, without your interference or control.”
Marianne Williamson

I have the phone in my hand and a million thoughts running through my mind. It’s too late. You blew it. You lost your chance. You messed up. It won’t work out. She’s going to say “no.”

Then, I suddenly saw how each of these thoughts was focused ONLY on the worst-case scenario. I wondered about that.

“Dear silly head,” I asked myself, “Why does the worst thing have to happen?”

What if the BEST thing happened instead?

So, I changed my internal tune. I combined an element of desire with an element of surrender. “Please let the best possible thing happen.”

You’ll notice something about this intention, which you may call a prayer. It tells the universe the “what” (best thing, highest good), but it lets go control of the “how.” It admits that I am not sure exactly what the best possible thing is but that I am open and receptive to the outcome and that I Trust.

In fact, the phone call I made was to see about resurrecting the potential for a job opportunity—a few shifts at a yoga studio, which I had just denied earlier in the week when I thought I’d be too busy to take weekend work.

Then, I found myself jobless with the free time suddenly available, but now I was unsure if I could ask for the shifts back.

That’s when I re-routed my fear into calm surrender.

In the end, not only was the opportunity restored after I had turned it down, but I got more than I asked for: full-time employment.

The lesson I learned was that what we think we want and what we actually need or can achieve are often different.

It was my desire to control the outcome (“I really want this!”) and my fear that I wouldn’t get what I wanted (“It’s too late!”) that were blocking me from getting the gifts beyond my wildest imaginings.

It may seem like a small thing, but since that moment, every time I want to do any simple task that causes fear and doubt, I switch gears and ask for the best possible outcome.

I know now that I won’t always know what that outcome is and that sometimes what looks like a door closing is just a gentle nudge in a new direction.

Two days before this internal shift in my perspective, I started repeating this line every morning:

“I am available to more good than I have ever experienced, imagined, or realized before in my life.”
Michael Beckwith 

Let’s repeat: “I am available to more good than I have ever experienced, imagined, or realized before in my life!”

This is a powerful statement—to become available to receive the best without controlling or dictating what the best necessarily is.

Will you open yourself up to be available to the highest good in each situation? How? When?

Did I hear you shout: “By Being Bold!” “Now!” “YES!”

Jeanine Nicole is a workshop facilitator, life coach, writer, and yoga instructor who lives in New York City. Through her experience with social work and education, coupled with a passion for global activism and community service, she believes that much lasting change in our world begins from the inside out. She is passionate about poetry, creative expression, aligning her activities with her interests, and helping others to similarly follow their bliss. She is currently exploring life’s exciting terrain through her inspirational blogs: Zest for the Quest and Begin Within. You can also follow her on Twitter.

 *Photo by 4rilla.