By: Erin Stafford

There are times in life, we feel alone
There are times we all want to give up

When the weight pulls us down
And the darkness crawls in
And we become lost

Lost in a world we once knew
The streets seem vacant and foreign
Faces are distant and unknown
What was once home is now gone
We become lost in our own existence

Lost in the morning
Lost in the day
Lost in the night
Lost in a fog of fallen memories

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Let me show you the way back

The way back to the bright hues of life
To the color in music
To the flavor in the air
The scent of new beginnings

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Breathe slowly the sweet, thick air of the early dawn
Feel the warm heat of the midday sun
Let the cool evening mist wrap itself around you
Pulling you into the starry night
Letting your very core remember this feeling

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Take in each moment of the day
Soak in the steps and the heart beats
Each passing face, a new friend
Every road, a new adventure
Every obstacle, an opportunity

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Take my hand in yours and trust
Trust that I am here for you, as you are here for me

That we are part of this huge tapestry of life
Each a small stitch in a beautiful piece of art
The art of learning, of sharing, of caring

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Love is in the moments
In the smallest of moments and briefest encounters

In the kind touch of a friend
In the gesture of a stranger
In the cool gentle breeze on a hot day
Love is all around.

Soak it in. Feel it. Embrace it.

Let me be your Ambassador of Love.

Erin Stafford is a simple woman with a large heart. She offers a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to bend to all she meets. She has recently launched San Diego Realized, a Personal Concierge business in San Diego to help people that are relocating acclimate and thrive in their new community. Her main aspiration is to help others live and love and breathe with passion. For more, visit her company website, Facebook or Twitter.

*Photo by h.koppdelaney.