Every once in a while life throws us a curve ball. Did we see it coming? Did we duck and dismiss it, or did we recognize maybe there was a message to be learned? What in the world is positive about getting sick?

Seems I got hit in the head with this fastball. I chose to not pay attention to the warning signs and/or cared not to heed them. I continued to run the bases full speed whenever possible.

What do you do when confronted with fall-down tired, no enthusiasm, or becoming completely unmotivated?

I want to share pieces from what I wrote the other day in my newsletter:

Dearest Friends, Loyal Listeners, and Colleagues,

As many of you know, my motto has been “Start Where You Stand.” For me, it means moving forward in a most positive direction, working hard to overcome all obstacles, and putting your head down with focus and grit. However, I am learning there is another message.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to read those words and literally take them so profoundly to heart. In June, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. It struck me unexpectedly and, with great determination, stopped me in my tracks.

I have been so exhausted, weakened, and unmotivated. The experience has been a remembrance of having mono when I was twenty-two, but even more acutely at this time in my life. It has become an urgent wake-up call for me. From one who preaches the need for self-care—mentally, physically, and emotionally—I now have to accept a taste of my own medicine.

I have decided to take a breather from the demands of my professional endeavors to do just that—“take care of myself.”

To start, I’m going to have to take a break from live radio for the next two months. But not to worry, my team is in the process of putting all of my archival shows on my website to be sure you will still have access to all the helpful advice and knowledge that has been thoughtfully collected.

It is my hope to continue to write articles, submit weekly blogs, and repost some of the “best-of-the-best” shows. Please keep a lookout for my newsletter. It will contain words of wisdom, direction, and suggestions, so all of us can continue to “Start Where We Stand” with positive steps through our life journeys. This is not farewell, but a respite.

Did you catch them? What are some POSITIVE STEPS I am taking?

In the letter, my first positive step was I recognized that I was just not tired but sick. It is way too easy for all of us to fall into the trap of “I can do it all!” And if you are lucky enough to come into home plate and score for your team, what’s left of you?

The second positive step was to decide to take a breather from my professional life. If you are not able to take significant time off work, it is essential that you speak to your employer and have hours cut back. Remember, we are in the digital age, and much of what we can do is at our fingertips. You need to ask!

The third positive step was to implement an action plan. The hardest call I made was to my assistant to tell her she would be working fewer hours. “Penny, I feel so badly…” Her reply was as honest as they come. “I will be fine. I still have a roof over my head. I am not homeless. No one died. The sun will come up tomorrow.” She always puts things into perspective when I am at my lowest point.

Yes, I am now taking my own medicine. What I “preach” to all my clients, audiences, and radio listeners: caring for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I believe that when we get sick, the universe is sending us a message.

In just six hours, I have received much positive “energy” from friends and colleagues. They have sent in all sorts of notes, which have brought a smile to my face, boosted my spirits, and told me how much I am remembered. THAT’S POSITIVE HEALING POWER.

A Couple of Notes I Want to Share:

“Taking a break is a good thing. I hope the time off brings you good health, inner peace, and everything else that will help you on your journey to wellness.”

“Know I hold you in my white light thoughts and prayers and that you will come out on the other side having learned some lessons, as you already have!”

“Whenever life stops us in our tracks, it is always to keep us ‘on track’.”

“I am sure this will be beneficial to your growth. I know you are being called into yourself now and that you have all the resources inside of you to heal yourself.”

“I’m glad you have decided to heed the wake-up call and take time out to take care of yourself.”

“Don’t be discouraged. You’ll feel better again, even though it won’t happen as quickly as you’d like. Take time out to cuddle with your large puppy, write in your journal, or whatever else brings you peace while you let your body heal. The only item on your “to do” list should be take care of Sallie. Your personal tag line should now be ‘Start Where You Sit’ until you’re back on your feet again.”

As featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, and FOX News affiliates across the country, Sallie Felton is a life coach, international radio talk show host, author, facilitator and inspirational speaker. For more info on Sallie, please visit her WEBSITE or follow her on TWITTER.

*Photo by DenisGiles.