By Parinaz Billimoria

Jealousy is a thought—a thought of lack, which means constant thoughts of “I don’t have” or “I can’t have.” It is a thought of fear. A thought of resentment. A thought of anxiety. A thought of anger.

Jealousy is a state of lack of gratitude, of self-unawareness, of inability to take responsibilities for your own actions, and, above all, of not loving and accepting your complete self. As a result of our own constant self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, we begin to envy the prosperous and abundant state that others are creating and experiencing in their lives.

There are many things which cause jealousy. We often think that what causes jealousy is triggered by external factors. This is a popular mistake. While we are all affected by what we see and hear, the root cause of jealousy is always internal, one-hundred percent of the time. In the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, its root cause is often Inferiority Complex (non-acceptance of the self), which is a feeling that you are inferior to others in some way. It is often subconscious and is said to drive afflicted individuals to feel more and more negative about their existing circumstances. Jealousy leads to actions which you can later regret, so it is very important to curb the first thought of lack.

To PREVENT or OVERCOME Jealousy, Follow These Steps

1. Acceptance

The first step to overcome or prevent jealousy is to ACCEPT who you are and what is happening. Acceptance is a very strong positive state of mind wherein you accept all that is.

How do we accept ourselves? Simply stop beating yourself up for mistakes, failures, shortcomings, defeats, and fears. Use the words “it’s ok” with yourself more often. Be more understanding towards yourself—you have weaknesses, and it’s ok not to be perfect. Accept every thought, emotion, fear, and everything you can and cannot do. Accept who you are and who you cannot be.

Taking responsibility of your own life will set up a launch pad for your well-being! Stop blaming god, destiny, and fate for what is happening in your life. Everything happens because you are creating it through your thoughts, emotions, and constant focus.

Acceptance of your life will introduce you to your own power and shows that your life belongs to you! This will help you feel peaceful about yourself and your circumstances. Then to some extent, you will stop envying others for who they are and why they have what they have. Because you know the reason why you don’t have it, with a little effort, you can earn it as well! Start believing in yourself and your hidden abilities of achieving the impossible rather than crying over what you can’t do or can’t have or can’t be. People have abundance because they have attracted it into their lives through the power of their minds.

Jealousy disappears once you love and accept yourself completely and unconditionally. Repeat this often: “I love and accept myself deeply and completely!”

2. Appreciation

Jealousy is an antonym for appreciation. When you choose not to appreciate your assets, your blessings, your talents, things that you have, and all that you are, you are inviting jealousy to creep in. Appreciation in simple term means, “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”

According to Jerry and Esther Hicks, the writers of the bestselling book Ask and It Is Given

“Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. It is the absence of resistance. It is the absence of doubt and fear. It is the absence of self-denial or hatred toward others. Appreciation is the absence of all that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. Appreciation pulls you into all that you appreciate! Appreciation is the ‘thoughts of Abundance’!”

3. Thanks

Look at the brighter side of your life. There is something that has kept you alive. Be thankful for that thing—which could be anything. Use the two most magical words—Thank You—OFTEN!

4. Abundance

Pay more attention to your strengths, and they will surely expand! Try spending some quiet time with your own self. Try knowing yourself better. You will be amazed to find the incredibility hidden in you. You are more powerful than you think you are. Thoughts of abundance and goodness will surely prevent jealousy from entering your life.

Say a loud good-bye to Jealousy and welcome love and prosperity!

Please share how you handle jealousy. What qualities are you most jealous of in other people? What can you do to bring yourself closer to expressing that quality?

Parinaz Billimoria is a writer for Parsi Times Newspaper in Mumbai, India. She completed a post graduation diploma in Business Management, a LLB (Law), and a diploma in Cyber Laws. After livelong battles with illness and stress, she left working at a law firm in Munbai to pursue energies, vibrations, mystic sciences, occultism, and spiritualism. She has since completed courses in Metaphysics, Chakra healing, Meditation, REIKI, and Colour Therapy and is passionate about you living your best, fullest life—because you deserve it! Learn more about Parinaz on Facebook and Twitter.

*Photo by Pandiyan.