YUP—It’s hitting the FAN! And it’s intense!

What to do when you feel this way?

My astrologer just told me I have a Pluto Transit for the next ten years. A Pluto What?!?! Yes, apparently this somewhat means that “stuff” will come up, hit the fan, and I will need to deal with it, resolve it, or come to terms with it and move on! If I don’t, it will keep coming back but harder each time.

It is said that the Planet Pluto doesn’t care for superficiality. It wants you to research and go beneath the surface. DIG DEEP! If you have a Pluto Transit in your chart (we all most likely will at some point since Pluto takes about 248 years to come full circle), it is time for digging, purging, and renewing. It is all about whether you resist this change or go with it. Oh, and by the way, she also told me that some relationships I had been in for a while that no longer served me would be ending soon. She was NOT kidding!

Okay, so what does this Pluto Transit mean for me practically, and how can I make the best of this? I could feel shifts already happening, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and, perhaps, even lost. I also know this is the time where I can’t hide anymore from what is going on at a deeper subconscious level; it’s time to face it.

So now what? We usually don’t like feeling this way, because it’s grinding, unpleasant, disturbing, and nervous system upsetting! Basically, it feels like we’re being messed with!

“But,” my friend said, “what if you could look at it as a great opportunity, as a new adventure and journey that lies ahead of you and is your gateway to Personal Growth and Happiness?”

Yes! This did feel like a much better and useful approach to things. I could feel it would make things a little lighter while not take away the depth of it, because it really is a sacred thing to be allowed to go on a “Journey to Self.”

My new perspective on “crap hitting the fan”: It’s more like “unfolding the layers of my Being and discovering Who I Am.” I must say, this sounds profoundly better!

I am a practical person, and I do best with structure and a plan. I know “People Plan; God Laughs,” but it works for me to understand, work with, and go from somewhere to make shifts happen.

Here is what works for me at this moment—it may be different the next time—but when going through “deeper” stuff, this is what I know will help me get through it now and make the best of my Pluto Journey:

1. I Need to Ask for Support

I know that some subconscious patterns are and have been with me for some time, and we all know it takes a while to break a habit. I checked with myself and realized support is what I need, not just from a friend, but in this case, from a person whom I trust to be neutral, wise, and supportive and who has tools and the know-how that can help me transform myself. And yes, this can be a little confronting or uncomfortable (I need help?!), but it’s ok. We are here for each other, and I wouldn’t flinch once if someone came to me for professional support. So go and find someone to support you!

2. My Practice Needs to Be Upped a Few Notches, Again.

In order to be able to deal with my mind and its thoughts, worries, etc., I also really need a nervous system and a calm mind that can support and carry these changes. So up early and more yoga, meditation, and moving the body and clearing the mind.

3. Focus on Balancing My Hormones

I’m not twenty anymore, and things are shifting. I can feel it, and if you’re over thirty-five, you can probably feel it too. I’m looking into diets that support hormone health, taking Ayurvedic herbs like Satavari and Ashwaganda, and finding ways to support my physical being on the inside. We can’t feel mentally and emotionally good when our hormones and endocrine system aren’t functioning.

4. Relax More

When going through deep shifts like this, we must take time to take a break. Especially if you have kids and are working and running a household! Must Take a Break Now! I think I will turn this into a plaque above my fridge. But really, it is important. It will reset the nervous system, calm the mind, and just give you a little perspective to it all.

5. Get Some Bodywork

When you’re going through deep shifts, these are crucial too, because stuff gets stuck, literally, and having someone move your body helps them get unstuck. It also helps you to deeply surrender and give in/up so you can have a fresher outlook at life again. It also is detoxing, stimulating, and refreshing!

6. Last but Not Least: Get Down to It

I have to do the work. No way out! Every day, I am going to devote some time to myself and sit, like my husband suggested, and just watch the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all else that comes with a neutral non-judgmental mind, so I can learn to process what comes up and also start training my mind (yes the mind needs to be trained too) to not react to every little thing, thought, and feeling that comes my way. To just be able to simply watch it. This process alone will be super helpful in going deeper into the Journey that is called Me.

Hopefully, some of this may resonate with you and perhaps can be useful. I wish for all your journeys to “ You” to be Blessed and may you find the right person, meditation, or herb to support you on this Endless Path called Life, because truly it is a Journey into the Sacred Self of discovering who we Truly Are: Blessed, Beautiful, and incredibly Unique!

Joy and Love to you all!

Siridyal Kaur

Siridyal was born into a family of Yogis. Her mother, a Yoga Teacher and Healer herself, taught her the importance of a practice. In 1999, she moved to New Mexico to study with Yogi Bhajan, who helped deepen her understanding and inspired her to embrace Yoga as a lifestyle. In addition to enjoying life with her two beautiful children and supportive husband, Siridyal gives healing treatments, Yogic counseling sessions, and prenatal massages from her office in Santa Monica, CA. Her motto: “Keep up and you will be kept up!” For more on Siridyal, please visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

*Photo by lululemon athletica.