You are awesome. End of story. Period. Print it, post it, feel it.

You were born awesome, and you will leave awesome. There may be lessons, bumps, and arrests along the way, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a totally delicious hug magnet.

If folks aren’t hugging you right now, they just don’t know what they’re missing.

I feel sad for them. Because you are as wonderful as I describe; there’s no need to worry about your worth or feel undeserving.

Whenever I experience those dark feelings, I know something much bigger is off in my life. I quickly hop in my invisible plane (the same model Wonder Woman used to fly) and soar up to about 30,000 feet. The view is perfect up there. I peek out the window and evaluate my emotional landscape. Are my crops dry and undernourished? Are they rushed? Imagine a farmer pulling on her kale buds while shouting, “Grow, you damn plant!” Does my kale feel cramped? Space is needed. Light is needed. Water is needed. Love is always, endlessly needed. You get the point.

Negative self-talk is like a weed that must be pulled before it chokes out the garden of your mind. Grab it at the root when possible.

I didn’t always have this perspective. When I was first diagnosed with an incurable (yet slow-moving) stage IV cancer a decade ago, I couldn’t see beyond the rim of my tragic martini glass. But I didn’t stay in that place for long. Instead of falling deep into despair or letting fear destroy me, I turned to whole foods, functional medicine, and a heaping dose of awesome thoughts. I upgraded the types of products I used in and around my house and on my skin and made space for quiet time. Shhh. Quiet. Meditation, prayer, love. Quiet. That’s the mini-formula my friends, plus a heaping dose of dancing!

While I still have cancer (it’s currently stable), I feel better than before my diagnosis. In fact, today I call myself a cancer thriver, and I am really proud of that title. Sure there are stumbles and setbacks. And yes, I have crappy days. I don’t want to paint a picture-perfect, peachy world. But when the darkness comes, I rely on my self-love practice to guide me back to the light. The more I practice, the easier and more effortless it gets.

With the recent launch of and the debut of my cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, I’ve been deepening my connection to my readers, getting a clearer picture of what’s on their minds. For many reasons, a lot of people are feeling very insecure right now. The economy is struggling; we’re nervous about the upcoming election, and, well, folks are just plain struggling. Some have health issues; others have heartache issues. And that’s why I want to remind you of your greatness. You, dear person, are a heaping dose of AWE-inspiring awesome. I hope you really hear that. I hope you pause and really take it in.

Remember this: you are the author of your beliefs.

You get to write and edit them continuously. And it’s really important to tend and maintain your belief in your awesomeness because when you feel terrible, the world suffers. Believe me, the world needs sweet, darling you. Rest a little more, recharge those batteries as my grandma would say, have a snack (preferably a healthy one!), gently pet your own head, and say a kind word (or ten). You’re ready for everything you always dreamed of. Personally, I plan on marinating in my absolute magnificence! Join me.

Peace & Awesomeness,

Kris Carr

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Kris Carr is a multi-week New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and health advocate. Kris is the subject and director of the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, which aired on TLC and The Oprah Winfrey Network, and the author of the award-winning Crazy Sexy Cancer book series. Her latest books, Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen, will change the way you live, love, and eat! Kris inspires countless people to take charge of their health and happiness by adopting a plant-passionate diet, improving lifestyle practices, and learning to live and love like you really mean it. Her motto: Make juice not war! To learn more and join the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution, check out Kris’ website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.