A principle that I live by, each and every day, is the 10/10/10 Principle. Everything I focus on and spend time doing each day, I think to myself, “how much of a difference is this going to make in my life—and the lives of others—in the next ten minutes, ten months, and ten years?”


That’s from watching TV, to playing a game, to spending time with my wife and kids, to flying around the world—each task, each focus point that consumes my energy, I ask myself does this thing I’m doing right now serve me and the people around me in the next ten minutes, ten months, and ten years. If it does not, I will not focus on it.

But, in saying all this, I need a third space…

My good speaker friend Dr. Adam Fraser recently released a book called Third Space. I love this concept, and, for busy people, this book is a MUST read. He talks about how we transition from one aspect of our life to the other. The First Space is the role or environment we are in now. The Second Space is the role or the environment we are about to transition into. And the Third Space is the transitional gap. One of its most popular applications is the transition from work to home and how we all need a third space so we can show up 100 percent ready and focused.

The past month for me has been flat out crazy, as I’ve only been at home four nights in the last month. It’s been an amazing month full of opportunity and meeting some amazing people and innovative businesses. I have a strong compelling purpose and WHY on my life that drives me every day to be the best and make the greatest impact on every person I meet. Though with this intrinsic craving of making a difference in peoples lives, I MUST have a Third Space to make that transition from motivational speaker to daddy and husband.

My Third Space is going to the movies. I love to watch a movie, sit back (in Gold Class, hehe), switch off, and be entertained for an hour and a half. It’s my escape; it’s my third space. I must have ice cream always and sometimes popcorn. It’s my way of recharging. Sometimes after a long week of travelling, I get home and my wife sees that I’m a little stressed or still “motivational speaker Sam.” So, she hands me my car keys and demands that I go to the movies.

What is your third space? Where is that place or thing that helps you transition from school to home, work to family, or travelling to normal life?

Always look at ways to make sure you SHOW UP in peak state to ensure that everyone gets the BEST of you each and every day.

Life after death is a subject most of us will never live to tell. Sam Cawthorn is one of the remarkable few who did. In October 2006, Sam’s life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident and pronounced DEAD. He was thankfully resuscitated, but left with an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg. Sam’s simple and inspiring story demonstrates the awesome power and strength found within the human spirit when faced with the choice to continue living as a victim of a tragic accident or seizing the opportunity of life. Learn more about Sam and his incredible story on his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

*Photo by anieto2k.