Choose a word that resonates with you: Soul, spirit, source power, Buddha Nature, essence, pure energy, vortex, God, Godliness, divinity, original self, light, love.

For our purposes, I’ll go with Soul—with a capital S for both effect and respect.

Your Soul is everything.

The “Am That I Am.” Your being-ness. The You that is simultaneously part of the All. The God that is aware of itself. Unfathomably, your Soul is the stuff of eternity, time without end, spanning space and dimensions. It is the Love of All Loves. It is the inextinguishable Source of Light. Your Soul is home.

Your Soul is the destination, and your feelings are the road signs directing you to it. Your feelings lead you home by giving you moment-by-moment signals.

You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel about it.

A traffic jam is a great example of how different people can choose to feel differently about the same situation. Crawling along in the diamond lane, Heather Happy is rocking out to her tunes, thinking about the project she’s working on, and what she’ll make for dinner, and she’s feeling a lot of gratitude and a goodly amount of peace. All is well, right time, right place. This traffic jam at least gives me time to unwind.

Driving right behind her is Debbie Downer. She’s also rocking out to her tunes, thinking about the project she’s working on, and what she’ll make for dinner, and she’s pissed off and frustrated. Goddamn commute. Why does this always happen to me? Who’s the bozo holding this up?

Being able to experience peace, even appreciation, when you’re in a tough situation is a result of being in touch with your Soul. The feeling of peacefulness is the indicator of Who You Really Are. Conversely, feeling like a bag of aggravated worry balls is an indicator that you’re out of touch with your greatness.

Peace or worry. Gratitude or anger. It’s your choice.


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Your Choice!
Clear Desires = Bright Reality

The essence of desire is a feeling

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