I woke up this morning with an enthusiasm and zest for life! A passion for the day, the people I love, and for “me.” I couldn’t wait to get started on my projects, with one of them being writing about passion. Many of us, when they think of passion, we think “love” or “lusting” after someone. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s easy to think of passion in only those terms.

But for now, let’s expand the boundaries of passion to include living a passionate life. Each and everyday, we have the opportunity to LIVE LIFE FULLY.

So, how passionate are you?

Do you feel good about your job and career? Are you passionate about your finances, or do you feel lack and are overwhelmed? Are you passionate about your relationships, not just with your loved ones but with yourself? On a scale of one to ten, how much passion do you express in your life?

I know for myself that when I feel deeply about something, when I get excited about life, it becomes an adventure and nothing seems impossible! I’m no longer looking at the glass half empty, but the glass half full. Life feels good, and I want to jump in full force and go for it!

But what happens when you don’t feel passionate about anything and don’t feel good about your life? We have all been there.

Sometimes, in order to understand what you do want is to get clear about what you don’t want. So not feeling good may be a great indicator to start releasing or redefining the things that drain your energy or make you feel badly about yourself.

Passion is organic and primal. It’s not about thinking. It’s about a feeling. However, in order to get that feeling, you have to start with yourself. You have to know yourself. What makes you tick? What makes you feel good? What is your heart telling you? What is your soul calling you to do? What desires do you dare to give yourself permission to achieve? Sometimes, we think what holds us back is the outside world, when, in fact, it is our inner world—feelings, beliefs, and attitudes about ourselves. Do you believe you deserve to live a passionate life? Or does life for you mean struggle and hardship?

One of my mentors and fellow Positively Positive contributor, Guru Singh, said to me years ago, “you say more than you do, and you know more than you admit.” That comment stunned me, almost as if someone socked me right between my eyes. I always thought of myself as a person who “walks her talk.” But as I examined what felt like a torpedo crashing into the depths of my soul, I realized that I was still not quite jumping into my life with the passion I elude. I was playing it safe. A wait and see attitude. “If life gives me this, then I will do that…” But life and passion do not work that way. Passion is raw; it’s pure energy. It doesn’t play it safe. It jumps right in.

In my LifeBites passion workshops, we ask these two main questions: “How would you live your life if you were guaranteed not to fail?” and “If you had several weeks to live, what would you do?”—would you be living in boredom or defeat?

Our past hurts and disappointments can smother our spirit for a better life. We no longer think it is possible “to have.” The only way to ignite this flame inside yourself, though, is to explore, heal, and rediscover your true spirit and calling—not what other people think you should do, but what you deeply desire. Also, in order to awaken your passion, you may need to take a step back or get quiet in order to hear your inner voice. What I found from my own life is that knowing that true voice sometimes starts with a whisper, so you have to be still in order to hear it (not always easy to do in the hectic schedule of everyday life). But if you are truly committed to finding and expressing your passion, you will get quiet and listen. Soon, the whisper will become a loud thunder—something you cannot deny nor want to.

Remember passion is not a one size fits all. Your passion is unique to you.

This month on Positively Positive, look for the Passion Challenge each week during the month of February. Also, if you have a passion, please feel to comment or post it, so the world can support and uplift it. There is a power is stating for all to see! Are you ready?

Passion is inside of you, calling your name. May the desire in your heart and a fire in your soul stir you so strongly, pumping you with energy that your life is full, alive, and filled with that inner drive. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to IGNITE your PASSION?

Nina Boski is an entertainment and lifestyle expert and the host and executive producer of LifeBites LIVE and her own radio show airing on HealthyLife.net. Nina can also be found on Facebook, Twitter,and LifeBites.com.