I just did a three-minute meditation with my two and a half year old son, Ari.

We sat on his bed.
I told him to breathe. Breathe deeply. In and out.

Ari then said he had “bubbles nose.” His words. He’s recovering from a clogged nose thing.
I told him to breathe through his mouth: in, out, in, out. He did.

I told him to close his eyes and tell me a color.
He yelled out a color: “Red!”
I told him to think about that color. Keep his eyes closed, and picture the color red. Imagine the color red.
Then I asked for another color.
He yelled one out: “Yellow.”
I told him to think about yellow.
We went through a few colors: green, blue, black.

Next, I told him to envision it raining. Rain falling. Rain falling. Rain falling.
He repeated: “Rain falling.”

I told him to envision it snowing. White snow falling. Pretty white snow falling. Fluffy white snow falling.
I told him to imagine white snow on top of a car.
White snow on the road.
He said the word “snow.”
I told him to imagine lots of snow falling.
Then he said, “Mountain.”
There was snow on a mountain within a movie we recently saw.
I said, “Yes. Imagine snow on a mountain, like in that movie. Snow on the mountain top.”

I added, “Remember that lake in that movie? How the water was flowing in a lake? Imagine the water, moving. Water moving. Imagine you are on the water. Floating, moving, swimming, floating on water. Moving on water. You are on the water. Moving, floating. Weeeeeee! Weeeeee!”

He said, “Weeee. Weeee. Weeee” a few times.

We did that for a minute, then finished up breathing in and out.

My first introduction to meditation—for a two and a half year old!

Are you also introducing your kids to meditation? If so, I love to hear some of your tools for doing so! Please share!

xo Karen

Karen Salmansohn is a bestselling author and award winning designer with over one million books sold and founder of the popular inspirational website notsalmon.com. She writes and art directs inspirational books/motivation for both adults and  kids. She’s also very friendly, so feel free to drop on by her site and say hello!