We spend a lot of time wanting to be somewhere else. Someplace in the future. Some magical land where we have the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect relationship, tons of money, and not a care in the world. The trouble with this line of thinking is that it keeps us from appreciating the present moment. Trapped in this future-focused perspective, we fail to realize the important lessons that we’re learning right now.

The fact of the matter is that each and every moment presents us with an opportunity to choose to see the perfection in our current circumstances. We might not be exactly where we WANT to be, but we are precisely where we’re SUPPOSED to be.

It’s been almost three years since I quit my corporate job to start my own wellness business. Sometimes I look back over this period of my life and wish that I was further along. I mean, really, shouldn’t I have been on Oprah by now? 😉 Sometimes I get envious of my colleagues and peers who appear to be “making it” in the self-help world faster than I am. I gaze longingly at the success of Hay House authors and kick myself for not having 30,000 fans on Facebook.

Sometimes these feelings last for a day, other times they hang over me for weeks like a dark cloud of criticism. I’m usually able to bring myself out of this illusory haze by reminding myself of two things:

  1. How far I’ve come
  2. The perfection of my current circumstances (even when the present moment feels difficult)

With regard to point #1, I somehow managed to be an entrepreneur for almost three years. One way or another, I paid my bills, avoided homelessness, and maintained a social life while also helping people around the world create a life they love. Every day, I give thanks for the fact that I get to set my own schedule and work from home when I feel like it. What an amazing gift.

At the same time, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. My husband also started his own business around two years ago, and there have been times when money has been extremely tight. I’ve sometimes questioned what the hell I’m doing with my life. I’ve cried, I’ve felt discouraged, and I’ve contemplated giving up.

In these moments, however, I can often catch a glimpse of the fact that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. It’s all part of the journey. We need to cry; we need to get upset; we need to feel. When we push our emotions down and try to fake it, we appear inauthentic, and we actually stifle our progress. There are such immense lessons to be learned during our most difficult times. As an example, if I hadn’t taken antidepressants for six years, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. Those six years were dark and difficult, but they led me to where I am now.

In the end, the things that I’ve accomplished as an entrepreneur aren’t half as important as the way that this work makes me feel. This is key. We spend so much time focusing on “getting stuff” to make us feel better. But as Gabrielle Bernstein says:

“Many people approach manifestation from a place of ‘How can I get something to feel better?’ Instead, the focus should be: ‘How can I feel better and, therefore, be an energetic match for attracting more greatness into my life?’”

Stop focusing so much on what you want to get or what you want to do. Instead, start focusing on how you want to feel. Ask yourself: What can I start doing right now to bring more of this feeling into my life? Don’t worry about how much money or status these activities will bring your way or what other people will think of you. Because I promise that when you’re inspired, the money comes. When you feel how you want to feel, people bite their tongues and become inspired by you.

With this in mind, I’d like to leave you with a few questions:

  • What lessons are you learning in your life right now?
  • How are your current circumstances contributing to your highest good?
  • What are you grateful for today?

Please share your answers with me below!

As Tama Kieves says: “Nothing in my life is lacking, except my appreciation.”

Bethany Butzer, Ph.D. is an author, speaker, researcher, and yoga teacher who helps people create a life they love. Check out her book, The Antidepressant Antidote, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and join her whole-self health revolution.

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*Photo Credit: TransformationalSpirituality.com