Dive in
Jump in
Take a big step
Take a small step
Say hello to fear
Say hello to uncertainty
Say hello to your uncomfortable zone
Say goodbye to thinking too much
Say goodbye to talking without doing
Say goodbye to wishing you could
Because you can!

Perhaps you don’t have enough knowledge, money, time, support, creativity, or belief in yourself. These are all good excuses, but none of these are show stoppers to get started on a great idea, project, or living your truth.

Newsflash: there will always be people who doubt your idea and think it’s silly or even crazy. People thought the Marathon Goddess was crazy to run fifty-two marathons in fifty-two weeks to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer. They said it was impossible. Well, she’s looking pretty fabulous right now raising close to $200,000 completing her “impossible goal” and being featured on the Today Show and CNN. Congrats for achieving this amazing accomplishment and for reminding all of us that it’s ok to have dreams and go after them, especially the crazy ones!

It doesn’t matter what other people think. It matters what you believe for yourself. This is critical and not to be overlooked, especially in times of uncertainty (which comes up any time you create or make a change). It’s worthwhile noting that the words “diving in” may have a different meaning for each of us. For some, they may mean changing jobs to a new industry, and for others, the words may simply mean putting together your resume. For some, diving in will mean walking one mile, and for others, it will mean running a marathon or fifty-two! The most important part is to get started with a step that resonates with your heart and your truth NOW rather than later.

One truthful and heartfelt small step is better than ten big steps that don’t fulfill you.

What can you “dive into” today to start sharing your authentic self with the world? There’s no reason to wait!

Alissa Finerman is a Professional Business/Life Coach, motivational speaker, and author of Living in Your Top 1%. She works with individuals and organizations to help them think bigger, redefine what’s possible, and get results. Alissa has an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. She has appeared on national radio stations such as CBS and Clear Channel Radio and has worked with the Milken Institute, LA Business Journal, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and NBC Universal. To learn more about coaching with Alissa, please visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.