Someone recently asked me, “How does meditation provide real peace?”

I said, “Let’s say, for example, you are inspired by cleanliness, and so you go to a big store, get hold of the sales girl, and ask her that you are looking to buy fifty pounds of cleanliness. The girl tells you, ‘Well, we don’t sell cleanliness; we sell vacuum cleaners.’ You vacuum your floors, and when all the dust is clear, what you see is cleanliness. You don’t buy cleanliness from the outside. In fact, the reality is, you cannot buy cleanliness.”

In exactly the same way, a meditation technique can help you clear your thoughts and unnecessary vibrations, and when the “unnecessary” is vacuumed out of you, the “necessary” that you already have is noticed. Internally, this is called meditation.
Externally, this appears as peace. Of course, there are many techniques for internal vacuuming.

Peace is not just a woo woo new age concept—hugging a tree and sitting on the beach.

Of course, that’s peace too. So what, exactly, am I saying?

Real peace is Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit all taken care of.

Real peace happens on nine levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Occupational, Psychic, and Karmic.

Or, to make life simpler, this is what I have to say:

Peace in the Heart!
Power in the Belly!!
Cash in the Pocket!!!

That’s it. Heart Centered Zen!
You are a happy camper.

Alpha and Omega.
Earth and Sky.
Yin and Yang.

The right balance… the right inner music… and welcome to the world of Heart Centered Zen!

There’s an old Indian story to illustrate this:

An old farmer had four sons. They were always quarreling with each other. The farmer tried hard to bring unity among them, but they would never listen to his advice. He was very worried about their future.

One day, the old farmer fell sick, and he decided to bring unity among his sons. He called his sons and asked them to bring few sticks. They brought the sticks. The farmer asked the eldest son to tie them in a bundle. He then asked them to try their strength to break it.

Each of the sons tried to break the bundle but failed. Then the farmer untied the bundle and gave one stick to each and asked them to break it. Each of them was able to do it easily.

The farmer said, “Now you understand. If you are united, nobody can get the better of you. But if you keep quarreling, you will be broken by anyone.”

Thought Power or Mental Power

It is known that the human mind emits around forty-eight to fifty-two thought impulses per minute. That adds up to thousands each day and millions each year. This collective energy of so much thinking? We call it “thought power” or “mental power.”

Most humans lose this energy by being totally unaware and thinking (and talking) too much.

The mind is a big noise created by many unconscious internal fragments. One part says “yes,” and the other immediately says “no.” Sometimes, the mind is pulled in many different directions. One part of mind is moving north and the other south. Of course, this creates lots of confusion and constant chaos.

When all of these parts are integrated as one, this is meditation. To be internally in one piece is a pathway for internal peace.

But peace is not enough.

Bills need to be paid, and rent has to be managed, and shopping is fun, too. Really speaking, the real peace happens when the needs of the mind, body, soul, and spirit are taken care of: Being internally rich and externally rich.

I have seen many amazing artists who cannot afford paint, and then there are wealthy individuals who have not tasted internal harmony yet. Can we create a certain harmony and have best of both the worlds? YES!

This process of integration fascinates me. It’s very magical. I have seen and tasted this magic. The state that creates this integration is what I call Heart Centered Zen.

To be able to attract this state where your mind, body, soul, and spirit are all taken care of is a state of centered transcendence. And in this state of centered transcendence, you can take a giant flight in the sky of super consciousness.

Zen is clarity. Zen is a ferocious state of presence in the Now.

What is Heart Centered Zen?

It’s a state of grace. A state of abundance. A state of effortless manifestation.

Peace in the Heart!
Power in the Belly!!
Cash in the Pocket!!!

This combination creates a state that absolutely and magically manifests abundance. So much more beyond your wildest dreams. This state becomes a launching pad to rise higher and higher in the spiritual realms.

Some friends may ask, “First, how do you get cash in your pocket?” Remember, cash was the third point. The first is peace in the heart and the body, and the second is being centered. With these two basic conditions met, in my experience, cash follows.

To be able to fly high in the sky of consciousness, being centered is a way; being grounded is a way.

If you are celebrating life, fantastic! It’s YOUR thing. If you are dead, it’s somebody else’s problem. If you are hanging in between, being centered is a way.

Being centered is our ability to contain, to have, and to hold. Being centered is a process of dynamic contact with the earth.

Why many people struggle.

Not many have the capacity to hold “good energy.” I have seen many people who struggle. They have the amazing capacity to hold onto crap, or negative energy.

What does crap really mean? It means the person is losing more energy or is depleted. In my experience, a tired mind and a tired body can’t accomplish much. So, crap is nothing but deficiency of good energy.

Based on the Chakra Healing model, the first chakra is located at the base of the spine. The second chakra is located two inches below the belly button.

The first chakra can only generate energy; it cannot hold energy. The head can only spend energy; it cannot generate it. The stomach, the second chakra, can hold energy.

The Technique

Breathe, reaching into your second chakra. Slow, smooth, deep, and relaxed breaths.

This helps you develop more and more capacity to hold energy. The more energy your system can hold, the more magnetic you become. And the more magnetic you become, the more blissful, graceful, effortlessness…

And in this blissful state, you are constantly in a sharing space, where “miracles” are a “normal” way of life.

Love You!!! Miraculous Being of Light!!!

Satish Dholakia is a dedicated spiritual healer, teacher, and Master NLP practitioner from Mumbai, India. Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since a child, he spent years in communion with the divine, sharing his psychic gifts with an open heart. Many have experienced new levels of clarity, upliftment, health, and personal and financial empowerment through his gifts of teaching and healing. To learn more about Satish and his energy healing classes, visit his website and follow him on Twitter.