Are you as healthy as you would like to be? Is it possible that some people are simply blessed with the perfect health gene or are there other factors at play here?

As a psychotherapist for over fifteen years, I have witnessed how thoughts create reality time and time again. I believe that chronic negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unexpressed feelings can make you sick. As a cancer survivor, I know my positive words and thoughts, combined with my healthy lifestyle and diet, directly impact my vibrant health.

There are many factors that influence your level of health. How you view health and dis-ease is predominately influenced by what you learned growing up. Every family has their own cultural norms around health and wellness. I call these belief systems “downloaded blueprints.” Someone else designed them, perhaps generations ago, and they have been systematically reinforced for years and then become your reality.

Health Assessment

Take time to answer the questions below. Your answers will help you understand the effect your downloaded health blueprint is having on your current state of health and wellness. Once your downloaded blueprint is brought up from the darkness of your unconscious into the light of the conscious mind, you will gain some clarity. And clarity is the beginning of drawing up your very own new, fresh health blueprint.

  • Growing up, were you and/or family members often sick?
  • What were the eating habits in your home? Was fast food a common meal choice?
  • Was food used as a reward or withheld as a punishment?
  • Were you ridiculed or praised often for weight/body type?
  • Was food used as comfort for emotional or physical pain (loneliness, anger, injury)?
  • Was physical fitness/activity valued?
  • Did you play outside or spend a lot of time watching television?
  • Did you lose any family members at a young age to illness?
  • Was there an emphasis on preventive care?
  • As a child, did you think about illness or your physical health?
  • Was smoking, drinking, or drug use common in your household?
  • What is the average life span in your family?
  • Did you live in an open (friends came over) or closed (predominately family) home?

Allow Yourself the Possibility of a Healthier You

Review your answers and take time to reflect on the way it was in your childhood home and how you felt. Developing a clear picture of where your current beliefs came from can bring the blueprint you have been building from into focus. With your limiting beliefs now in the forefront of your mind, you can start to draw the new, improved blueprint and make life-enhancing decisions in line with this blueprint. When you analyze the family belief system, you can begin to see that much of what you experience as “the way it is” is just the way it was in your family of origin and that you can choose a different way of seeing yourself and your potential. Once you understand how it was, you can decide how you want it to be.

You have the power to positively influence your health, if that is your desire. All change requires work. The power of your intention is mind blowing. I hope you are inspired to harness that power to create more vibrant health today.

Share your downloaded family blueprint and if it’s in line with how you want to live. If not, what steps can you commit to in order to redraw your blueprint so it is more in line with the authentic you?

Love Love Love


Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning fear into freedom. Sign up for Terri’s weekly Tune Up Tips and follow her on Twitter.

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