Our heart is our greatest source of wisdom. It’s home to the entelechy of our soul and resonates in harmony with the love of the entire universe.

The other day, I was standing in a lunch line with fourteen other people, twelve of which I noticed were intently immersed into their mobile device. Moreover, as I approached the counter, I noticed the three people in front of me placed their order while talking on their cell phone, texting, or emailing.

Does anyone else find it curious, or not so curious, that a majority of the people we consider to be our greatest minds, spiritual leaders, enlightened teachers, and truth-seekers—such as Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, Emerson, and Rumi, just to name a few—walked this earth and lived into their greatest love and wisdom without the use of modern technology? 

These teachers were known for the compassion, attention, and love they paid to all, especially the ones immediately in front of them, and became word historical figures without the latest smartphone, use of the internet, or ability to send email. Perhaps this is why we so often quote their words, ponder their prose, and read their books—because we know they actually used their unique ability of critical thought and discernment, appealing to Heaven and their Divine within, to uncover the wisdom of their heart in lieu of searching for what Google had to say. Don’t get me wrong, I use Google several times per day, except for the creations of my heart, which arise from our original imaginings, thoughts, and feelings we have from inside regarding our interconnectedness in love with all sentient beings.

It’s our Technology of Heart that houses this genius and the collective healing powers for our humanity and our mother earth, and it’s precisely in this moment of history that we are being asked to step up and into our courage within, to inhabit the full container of our being sourced to us by our Creator and our Technology of Heart.

That being said, it’s the assault of modernity upon us today that is part of a pervasive veil clouding the truth; therefore, it is up to us both personally and collectively to see through this veil of multiple distractions and preoccupations, to see that modern society has a lack of reverie and appreciation as it relates to our most sacred gifts of love and life. This is a big part of what’s stymieing our level of mindfulness, investigation, and introspection into our own psyche and the psyche of our planet.

“Our lives begin to end on the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My concern is how much of society today has taught us to be distracted by ourselves and assaults of modernity rather than being disturbed about the things that truly matter: people, animals, the planet, love, and life. It’s in the hands of a few—the alternative and growing group of people like yourselves—that are demonstrating a better story, a more sustainable way for the thriving and surviving of our generations to come, by paying attention to the real problems we face and addressing them like the mature adults we are. This is the only way for us to ensure a future for our children that’s worth living: by not allowing ourselves be taken over by numbness and droning on of what does not truly matter, by the distractions, or by falling into the trap of ego, ignorance, and ain’t it awful.

Marianne Williamson often lectures to us about the idea of “the era of data collection is over.” By now, we have all heard the same news, read the same books, used the same apps, and seen the same media and social media. What we need to do now is to filter this information to its core by using the essence of love and then move into knowledge and action of our heart. So, the bigger questions become: Why we are in need of the latest technology? How can we use its wealth to affect our worldview of heart? What is the best way to use the tool of technology to effectuate our message of love?

Today, I give us a challenge: Let’s awaken to this illusion of fear and distraction and, instead, awaken to our Technology of Heart and the truth of what is most important for the surviving and thriving of our humanity and what truly needs our attention.

Enlightenment is when we realize we are the technology and no technology outside us has ever come close to matching the precious and sacred technology that rests within a single human heart.

For everything that our world of technology has to offer, it’s our Technology of Heart that has the capacity to discern what is logical and wise, what is genius and love. Moreover, there is no form of modern technology that can come close to the human heart as measured by its capacity to love, demonstrate compassion, share understanding, live in tolerance, spread empathy, ignite inspiration, and have the ability to lend a simple hand in kindness to those most in need. These are some of the most important treasures of love, beauty, and truth and are certainly the kind of technology that our world is in most need of today.

Amy Alcini is the Founder and CEO of Recycling Happiness™. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Poet. Her debut collection of poems entitled Symphony Upon My Soul is available on Amazon. Within two weeks of its release, it made its way to #2 on The Amazon Best Seller List (in love poem books) and ranked #1 in Hot New Releases.

Her new book Recycling Happiness: A Return to Heart, is set to be released Feb 2014.