“Feast on Gratitude” is a three-day meditation practice, hosted by Positively Positive, guided by Elena Brower and Dave Romanelli. For day one, click here.

Today, we’ll practice a simple mantra as our “gratitude workout,” which grants us the chance to practice gratitude in our minds so that our bodies can have the experience of gratitude more of the time. Dave tells us the sweetest story about himself as a little kid, doing only bicep curls at the gym, with his skinny little legs and his big teeth and his huge biceps. Whether in mind or body, we grow our capacity wherever we put our attention, so if we practice putting our attention on gratitude, we’re more likely to have grateful thoughts more of the time.

What we put our attention on grows. Practice putting your attention on gratitude.
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Practice using the simple mantra quietly to yourself or out loud in a whisper. Even when your body or mind might want to contract around a passing thought while you’re sitting or during a daily interaction, practice this mantra to keep the focus on gratitude and stay open.

Find a quiet spot and listen to the 12-minute guided meditation.



Please share with us how you express gratitude and how this meditation experience is for you.

Elena Brower is a mother, an author, a teacher, and co-owner of Virayoga in NYC, a destination studio for travelers and New Yorkers alike. Her first book, Art of Attention, an artful yoga workbook, is in its second US printing and its second translation. Influenced by alignment-based Hatha, Kundalini, and Yin yoga, Elena offers yoga as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. She is always honoured to collaborate with fellow teachers and thought-leaders, and her classes are a masterful, candid blend of alignment and attention cues that speak to body, mind, and heart. As an Executive Producer of On Meditation, she’s helping curate a film that takes us into the lives of meditators to introduce and inspire practice.

Dave Romanelli fuses ancient wellness practices with modern passions like exotic chocolate, jazz, fine wine, and gourmet food. His collaborations with chocolatiers, jazz artists, chefs, and sommeliers spread “the art of wellness” beyond the gym or yoga studio and into everyday life. Dave’s debut book, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment, reached #1 on the Amazon Self-Help Bestseller List. Dave’s new book launches in Fall 2014 from Skyhorse Publishing. You can check out his workshops on GaiamTV as well as his show Yeah Dave! on uLive.