“It’s okay. I’m fine. Nope, I don’t need any help.” She responds, hoping they won’t see through her lies. She rushes home crying, feeling unsupported and angry.

This is a common scenario in our fast-paced culture. There is a common misconception that being “emotionally savvy” and “put together” means that you somehow have it ALL figured out and that you have now escaped the pitfalls of common funky human emotions.

News flash: You, my dear, are human. And humans have feelings. Some feelings are deemed cuter and generally more socially praised—feelings like joy, excitement, and happiness—but you also have feelings like anger, desperation, fear, depression, sadness, etc.

We are not these little angels walking earth. We are humans—complex and full of emotions that rise and fall like the tide.

Suppression is not healthy nor does it imply strength.
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In fact, suppression is highly unhealthy and causes a myriad of unresolved issues and emotional and physical health problems.

Strength is honesty. Strength is getting real with yourself first and then with others. Acceptance of whatever IS (no matter what it is) is essential. Acceptance allows the difficult emotions to flow through you, allowing them to pass and not stay stuck.

Acceptance offers peace. Keeping it real is the way.

What have you been lying to yourself about? How do you really, truly feel? No judgment allowed. Just name the feeling and be real.

I would love to hear how you really, really feel in the comments below.

Christine Gutierrez is a psychotherapist, advice columnist, speaker, author, poet, and founder of CosmicLife.com, an online hub that features psychologically-savvy and soulful advice, articles, videos, private consultations, workshops, retreats (both live and virtual), radio appearances, and television projects. “Ancient wisdom with a modern twist” is the motto. She has been featured in TimeOut NY Magazine, Latina Magazine as “The Future 15: The Healer,” Yahoo Health, Ebony Magazine, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, The Conversation, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Ricki Lake, Lifetime TV, and more. You can also follow Christine on Twitter and Facebook.

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