Speak and Live Your Truth!

This message has been a constant for me in the last few days. Clients, colleagues, even stories I’ve been following in the news keep reminding me of this important and sometimes elusive message.

So I’ve been wondering: What does it mean? What is it to be honest about what you believe in, to form opinions based on transparency and knowledge, and to live a life full of passion and authenticity based on your informed beliefs? And that’s when it hit me:

It is not about speaking your truth; it is about DOING your truth.
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Because speaking or thinking your truth doesn’t allow you to live in happiness or abundance. It doesn’t allow you to share your message with others and make a difference. But doing your truth does.

Sometimes doing includes simple things, like bringing your reusable bags to the supermarket instead of using plastic ones. And others may involve making hard decisions about following a certain career path or moving on from a broken relationship.

Doing and living your truth require moving to a place of discomfort, a place where the pain of inaction is greater than the pain of making a long-lasting change.

It requires stepping fully into your life, finding tools that help you move away from fear and limiting beliefs and into a place where you know you can make a bigger impact in the world.

What if you have a bigger lesson to share with the rest of us? Why would you deprive us of that beautiful lesson?

How do you even start speaking, living, doing your greater purpose, your truth?

1. Step into the feeling of your truth.

Let it embrace you, make you uncomfortable. That discomfort is your reluctance to listen. You’ll be amazed how quickly the discomfort will go away once you listen to and honor your feeling.

2. Honor who you are and your desires.

Recognize (or identify) what needs to happen to turn that feeling from discomfort to whatever positive feeling you want to experience.

3. Recognize that you have a truth to live and do; one that is so unique and important that only you can do it.

4. Hear your calling.

That little voice inside of you that knows exactly what you are meant to share with the world. Let that little voice become bigger and clearer in its message.

5. Trust your intuition.

That part of you that is connected with the divine, that is dying to burst out from inside of you and make you shine.

6. Start with compassion.

Build empathy and compassion for yourself first and foremost because we tend to be our harshest critics. Have the courage to practice self-love as often as possible.

These simple tools helped me shift my perspective, take responsibility, and start speaking, living, and doing from a more authentic place. Slowly yet steadily, they helped liberate me from limiting beliefs, recognize my own desires, and follow my passion. Slowly but steadily, my life transformed and, with it, my capacity to help others do the same. And that is an amazing feeling that is totally worth the work.

Jovanka Ciares is a tri-lingual wellness expert and nutrition coach based in New York City and Los Angeles. Jovanka’s approach to mind-body wellness has earned her thousands of fans the world over and regular slots on Fox News, NPR, CBS Radio, Telemundo, and The Huffington Post. In addition, she is the author of three books.