It’s so easy to react when you’re mad, sad, lonely, insecure, pissy, hurt, or feel justified or right. It feels good, though we probably hate to admit it. We want to get that hit in, to be right in an argument, to attack back when we feel attacked. The truth is, though, that hit of energy doesn’t last for long.

Here’s the truth: Hurt people hurt people.

And what we always really want is peace. We don’t truly want revenge; it’s our ego that seeks revenge. Now, that doesn’t mean that you keep unhealthy people around and allow people to hurt you. But, what it does mean is that we don’t need to allow it to make us stoop down to their level. Rise above the attack; rise above the hate; rise above the chaos; and rise above the drama.

A Course in Miracles says, “Don’t invest in the illusion.” Attack is an illusion of strength and protection. True protection is love and forgiveness.

Don’t invest in the illusion of attack, hate, and separation. Invest in the truth of love.
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I remember I had this girl stalking me. She said mean and cruel things about how I looked and how no one loved me. Although none of her statements were true, it was a sad thing to experience someone sending so much negativity towards me. I just saw past the attack and saw the root of her pain and jealousy. How it was ruling her thoughts and her life enough to invest in trying to hurt me, someone that I never did anything to. I saw her as my sister, and I prayed. Of course, I protected myself legally. But I prayed, and I said, “May she find peace; may she be healed.”

I could have attacked back, but why? To hurt someone that was clearly already hurt? To lower myself down to that wounded level? No thank you. When someone is vicious, it is really a call for more love. And while I don’t make excuses or condone that behavior, I see it for what it is, and I don’t entertain it. As you see, I protected myself legally for my own protection, but my intention was love, my intention was not engaging the madness.

My intention was, “May she be blessed, and may she find peace.” Because I know she could not feel happy in that place of hatred, and I wanted her to find peace because when she finds peace, I do. We all do. We are all one.

“Taking the high road” is a statement that my dear mentor and soul sister Terri Cole said recently, and it hit me. Taking the high road allows you to rise above and see past the ego.

Taking the high road allows you to see the attack for what it really is: a call for love.

Protect yourself if you need to, delete or move away from what is dangerous and insults your soul, but forgive and take the high road. You will walk away a stronger person anyway. Peace is found in taking the high road. Miracles are found there, too.

What is a situation in your life where you can take the high road? Share in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear them!


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