“When we allow the world to ripple into us with open arms and then let it flow out of us with grace and generosity, in that moment we are a conduit, a channel, a medium for whatever we desire.”

In my last blog, you read about stepping into your power. Now, let’s explore wealth consciousness, also known as abundance consciousness. Abundance consciousness is not simply about making or receiving money. Money is one of the symbols of material wealth. But viewing our abundance solely in terms of dollars or euros or pesos or pounds is limiting.

Abundance consciousness is opening our arms so wide so that EVERYTHING — money, health, love, forgiveness, happiness, spirit — flows into us without conditions.

Having lots of money doesn’t always provide happiness. It definitely provides one thing, though, not having to worry about money (but not necessarily anything else)! You can still have lots of money and worry that it’s not enough or that you’ll lose it. The world is filled with unhappy people who have lots of money. But without an abundance mindset regarding the other aspects of life, happiness will most likely elude you, even if you’re sitting on a big pile of cash.

Abundance consciousness is more about FLOW. It’s a perspective in which we see ALL OF LIFE as an infinite circulating, intertwined, interdependent, interwoven fabric of threads that connect every aspect of existence, and that FLOW through us in every moment.

Every breath you take creates a vacuum of air that will be filled by another’s exhale. Every word you speak enters the silence, alters it, vibrates and creates the potential for a word from someone else. Every conversation you have is not simply the beginning of something but a continuation of everything that’s led up to that moment. The ripple flows infinitely and if we open ourselves to it, we become it, and then what ripples out of us flows with effortless ease.

We are the evolutionary merging of every sunrise, every sunset, every birth and every death, every laugh and every tear, every bark and every meow, every seed and every falling leaf, every conversation that’s ever existed, combined with every experience you’ve ever had, combined with all the matter and all the energy of the world that has ever existed. WOW!! That’s a lot of rippling. When we allow the world to ripple into us with open arms and then let it flow out of us with grace and generosity, in that moment we are a conduit, a channel, a medium for whatever we desire. And it is in that sweet act of giving and receiving that we fulfill our purpose, our needs, our desires, and the universe’s intentions.

Two of my dearest friends and greatest teachers Deepak Chopra and David Simon spoke and wrote prolifically about the principle of giving and receiving — it’s one of the Seven Spiritual Laws! They were masters at translating this timeless wisdom and they stressed that giving and receiving are both opposite sides of the same coin.

If we don’t allow ourselves to receive and only give, we exhaust our supply and ultimately we collapse. And if we only receive and don’t let our gifts flow out, we become constipated.

Deepak says, “The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

Circulation is your keyword. Keep the flow. Keep it going. Stay open. Hug and kiss a lot (these are acts of BOTH giving and receiving.) You can’t do one without the other! Let’s commit to flowing the love, the forgiveness, the compassion, the generosity, the money, the compliments, the support, the health, the nourishment, the peace, the abundance of life in all its forms as it weaves through the five realms – the physical, emotional, material, relationship, and spiritual aspects of our existence.

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