Sometimes my jam-packed schedule can make honoring my goals a little challenging. I have to remind myself to remain consciously consistent with my daily meditation, my writing, and remembering to schedule in some “me” time. Though carving out time for myself, or for certain projects, doesn’t always feel easy, it is always worth it.

When it comes to honoring anything in your life consistency is key.

And it’s one simple secret to success that I find many of my clients—and many of you—struggle with. Old habits die hard and when stress gets high we revert to the familiar. This is why it is imperative that you stay mindful of your end goal (new healthier behavior) and don’t get lulled back to sleep (past habitual behavior).

Remember; change takes time and diligence. What often happens is that we fail to give ourselves the time and space that is necessary to create new habits that result in lasting change.

Many of my clients also find that the more changes they want to make, the harder it is to keep them. So, how can you make commitments and consistently honor them to create lasting change?

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Some of you may have made many goals you want to reach before summer, before a family wedding, or before the end of this year. I admire your awareness and ambition, but you may be doing yourself a major disservice. How? Expecting too much, too soon. When too many goals are fragmenting your focus, your ability to follow through can be weakened.

This is where simplicity comes in. Take a look at all of your goals and narrow them down to the one or two that will become your top priority. Commit to small daily steps to slowly incorporate the new behavior into your life. Once the ‘honeymoon period’ of the new behavior starts to fade, you enter the phase of having to consciously fight through the desire to revert to old behavior. Once you muscle through that 2nd phase successfully, your new normal can begin.

You have to be willing to cultivate positive change gradually and you have to be willing to work at it daily.

Greatness and excellence come from diligence, hard work and conscious choice, daily. By taking your time and doing it slowly and mindfully you build a strong foundation for future success. You must lay the foundation of one positive habit before you can lay the next. Makes sense, right?

Allowing yourself to simplify your goals will set you up to succeed and increase self esteem and self confidence. I hope you’ll consider consistently committing to yourself and to your success now, and throughout the rest of this year! You deserve to make your heart’s desire your reality.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment below and share your top one or two newly prioritized goals, and how you plan on making consistent commitments to make them stick!

Here’s to simplifying your success and, as always, take care of you!

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Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and an expert at turning fear into freedom. Sign up for Terri’s weekly Tune Up Tips and follow her on Twitter.

*image courtesy of Kai Mantsch